Call Of Duty WW2 IN 2019!!! How is Cod WWII now?? PPSH Gameplay


Call Of Duty

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In this call of duty ww2 / Cod wwII gameplay in 2019 I will be using the ppsh. I end up doing well in this throwback call of duty. I will be rocking the diamond camo while trying to stay alive as long as possible on the iconic map shipment. If you enjoy this throwback call of duty drop a like and we will make this a series every Wednesday. Thank you all for the support, Watch time, Comments, and like!!!

My upload schedule = Monday…

9 Replies to “Call Of Duty WW2 IN 2019!!! How is Cod WWII now?? PPSH Gameplay”

  1. I couldn't stand ww2 but the ppsh was my favorite gun in it, I once got 42 kills on tdm luckily getting bad players on both sides also I feel tha same way about new cods, they're just boring, idk why but I cant find myself playing more than 30 mins on bo4 and wwII without a break

  2. mate thats actually a really good question! was thinking about this one the other day. good to see you revisit it and see how it holds up! well done 🙂

  3. TJmike152 says:

    WOW its been a very hot crispy minute since I have seen anyone on this game lol, I gave this game to my sister lol
    beast gameplay broham. you dropped major kills despite the deaths man great gameplay 🙂

  4. I'm want to see advanced warfare

  5. MasterJD says:

    You know what's worse than running with shotguns?CAMPING WITH SHOTGUNS!

  6. Rien says:

    haha the spawns in this game are very questionable at times

  7. Dominater24 says:

    What throwback Cod do you want to see next week?? Will be streaming this weekend?

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