Call of Duty WW2 SUCKS!!


Call Of Duty

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31 Replies to “Call of Duty WW2 SUCKS!!”

  1. MRL says:

    WW2 is good game if u know how to play it!!

  2. Joe King says:

    I bought ww2 on release, uninstalled it pry around when they added the resistance update. I just reinstalled it now…5 games in and I completely remember why I uninstalled it.

  3. Stoner 69 says:

    Waw almost 10 years older than this game yet it's still way better than this shitload of fuck

  4. Tell me about it with the quick scoping, you can’t do shit to counter against it. This games fucking horrible, the guns are shit, the classes are garbage and the maps fucking suck.

  5. This was a waste I want codghost 2

  6. The online was horrible I wrote a review on Xbox about how there’s ‘black German soldiers and censored swastikas” MY REVIEW WAS DELETED AND I WAS BANNED FROM LEAVING REVIEWS!!! Uprise against this SJW crap game they want to violate our freedom of speech. They also put a transflag’ up in the lobby during the resistance update.

  7. Blake Turner says:

    It always felt so bad to me n the time to kill takes 500 years

  8. J Church says:

    Yes, it’s absolute trash.

  9. well that is not entirely wrong, because there is a theory that sledgehammer did not wan't to make a ww2 game, they probable wanted AW2 , but since they had to change gears really quick because of all the backlash that may explain why it feals like advanced warfare in the 1940s.

  10. I don’t like this game I think bo4 is way better than this

  11. Jorge Gorgr says:

    This game is fucking trashhhhh so its bo2 3 n 4 trash trash n more trash…. They should come out with black ops1 for ps4 thats the best cod game… N yes fucking score streaks are fucking asss a fucking molotov seriously… Fighter pilot get 1 kill Wtf… Please come back with black ops1 n fire the ppl making all this cods games they r fucking asssssssss

  12. WW2 really sucks but still better than BO4 thats for sure…

  13. T HC says:

    Bought this game yesterday, finally tried it today once and instantly gave up. The worst COD yet in my opinion

  14. Kxyk Perfext says:

    No you a fucking right you fucking right this game can go suck a bbc

  15. Midnight Run says:

    This f***ing game pisses me off so bad lol every time I play it I almost snap my controller in half at least 2 times now my controller squeaks and rattles because of this damn game lol

  16. Stfu. It doesn’t suck

  17. Dear Agony says:

    Well it all started when they f*cked with the matchmaking. Last 5 or 6 cods have been garbage.

  18. Sledgehammer games should be the one shutting down, not telltale

  19. Andrew says:

    They should disable quick scoping

  20. sneeuwpretje says:

    This game does not suck you suck get a life.

  21. DarkBoy1911 says:

    I cannot play CoD WW2. But you know.. CoD doesn't change a lot each year, which means i can tell you if this CoD is good or not just by looking at the gameplay, because I'm a huge fan of CoD, well… a huge of the old CoDs (2003-2011). World at War is just far superior to this game. This game feels really like you're playing airsoft WWII. CoD WaW gave me the feeling that I'm in a great war.

  22. I do play it and I wanted to like it but it seems impossible to really excel at it. I do see some people on there who miraculously seem to know where everyone is, have weapons that seem to blow all others away, are able to shoot through smoke for kills, toss the grenades at the exact right spot at the exact right time, seem to come out of nowhere and are unstoppable. Huh?? Didn’t know that was possible in a video game structured like this but what do I know. Re spawns suck because they place you so far back from the action (especially in Ground War) that you spend precious seconds having to run all the way back up to where you need to be and by that time often it’s too late. I’m an average player trying to get better so it’s at least enjoyable but for the moment I’d like to put my controller through a wall.

  23. Worst call of duty ever this game is garbage I want my money back lol

  24. They made 5 great games in a row , waw mw2 b01 mw3 and bo2. Ghosts was okay but thats when they dropped the ball with multiplayer. B03 was okay for a jetpack game, but aw was shit. So shit, i didnt even try iw. I thought Mwr would revive the oldschool multiplayer fanbase but this game proves otherwise. If it werent for the overpowered snipers, this game would be alright. I mean who the hell thought "Lets make snipers more overpowered than cod 4 and mw2 combined"?? Automatic stopping power for the snipers, pellet guns for the rushers. The multiplayer is an absolute mess.

  25. I'd rather go back to black ops 3.

  26. Ur just a trash player

  27. MC Edwin says:

    SAME HERE!!! I feel you!

  28. eh503 says:

    Titanfall 2 shits in this and battlefield

  29. Z Virus says:

    i only care about the story line to these games, there is a reason i dont play online. it sucks and its been the same thing for years, like when are they actually going to start adding vehicles to the online like they did in the old call of duty games.

  30. I can't wait to see battlefield smash this broken piece of shit out of park with BFV… a ww2 game that will actually be decent… I mean a mode call WAR mode with 6 players WTF.. or ground war with 9 players how lame… BF 64 player conquest is war not this crap

  31. Frosty says:

    This popped up in my recommended and I laughed my ass off. Everything you said is exactly what I think every time I play this game! Great video

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