Call Of Duty WWII Campaign Walkthrough – Episode 9


Call Of Duty

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13 Replies to “Call Of Duty WWII Campaign Walkthrough – Episode 9”

  1. W3BBGaming says:

    The first part is so similar to band of brothers

  2. Calls you civilian hasn't even tasted the mud! This guy!

  3. I dunno how it is w a controller but the planes controls with a keyboard and mouse were horrendous imo.

  4. Love your play throughs all of them!! keep them up!!

  5. Spaghetti is probably the best MRE. Chicken ziti tasted like aids. The gum…..

  6. why is the planes driving as fast as a paper airplane. and why is thier speed relative

  7. Onetonlunn says:

    it would be awesome if the friendly AI was like cops in GTA

  8. so my vid acted like one long ad.

  9. -Frank M- says:

    These videos are why I wake up in the morning, keep up the great videos Hovie ❤️❤️❤️

  10. INK says:

    Allll righttty then

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