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Today 9/21/2019 we got the Catwoman Comic Book skin in the Fortnite item shop! I included gameplay and back bling combos for her. I included gameplay of the new Batglider and Cat’s Claws harvesting tool as well, enjoy the showcase! DC Outfits!

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50 Replies to “CATWOMAN COMIC BOOK SKIN | CAT'S CLAWS | BATGLIDER – Before You Buy – Fortnite”

  1. PIZO says:

    I want to do a separate video with all of the DC back blings together on outfits, be on the look out!

  2. Yūwaku 999 says:

    It’s sucks I wanted it

  3. It sucks that they never gave us the The Dark Knight Rises version of Catwoman. It was a missed opportunity

  4. Blusky says:

    Anybody trying to gift me the batglider? My epic is Blusky 🙏

  5. Where's the burgle bag? It fits her theme as well.

  6. Shadman says:

    Is catwoman worth it

  7. GxCreed says:

    If I can’t afford the skin right now does it come back?

  8. Jxite says:

    7:22 wait thats illegal

  9. Omg the Lvly music is the background fits sooo well!💜💕

  10. OMG TNT says:

    First time did Pizo rate will I use the glider 2 out of 2 lol

  11. If It Was The Halle Berry Version I Prob Would Get It…

  12. Wrecktifyz says:

    Forget about cat woman or harley. I really wanted a mad moxxi skin from the borderlands event.

  13. Pinki Kaur says:

    Banner trooper or cat catwoman let me know plz

  14. Ghost ‘ says:

    Am I the only one that’s a bit mythed Batman’s a rare and not a legendary

  15. Xander Zeph says:

    Catwoman or batglider?

  16. MountyCxm says:

    Boys, should i cop the glider or the catwoman skin? Damn, i wanted a skin but the glider is fire

  17. tehCostHD says:

    Remember all the season 4 clickbait Batman battle pass videos? Well… I guess they weren’t clickbait after all they are just prophets

  18. joshua Falco says:

    Does it match the given rarity:no
    Do i like the color scheme:no
    Is it unique:no
    Will i use it:never beacouse i have linx

  19. Hopefully we get a Nightwing or Red Hood skin, that would be an instant cop for me

  20. Malzov says:

    does anyone not realize we are in a timeline where dc marvel and borderlands are in the same universe.

  21. This is the best event skins ever catwoman and batman

  22. KholeBear0w0 says:


  23. Idk if I should get the batwing glider or the Catwoman skin I like both but only have enough for one

  24. playboivvs says:

    she should’ve had heels

  25. Griff ya Boi says:

    Harvesting Tool is trash

  26. Puni5her91 says:

    I really want the cat woman she looks clean and she has a really cool back bling and I love cats 🐱 ❤️

  27. I love how its a new type of glider. (as in you dont just hang on, you are attached to it.) this could be the start of a new era of gliders. We could be riding them and more soon

  28. Lord Zamasu says:

    Lynx: am I a joke to you

  29. Dude , from all the video i wanted to see combos with her bb, and u didn t even do thaf

  30. FreekieFred says:

    You should’ve tried the Burgle Bag, it matches her perfectly!!

  31. K Finesse says:

    They should’ve made the whip a pickaxe

  32. John Boy says:

    I love it and bought it 💕

  33. Its Aoki says:

    I wish the whip on the emote would be black as well and also small detail on the skin catwoman usually carry a whip on her side part and not as a belt kinda like what wonder women did to her lasso of truth

  34. Pionki On IG says:

    You missed Batman, he is a pack In the store

  35. 3,600 vbucks for the full set…why couldn’t they just bundle like that rapper or the psycho bundle?????

  36. Tai Nguyen says:

    I want a robin or nightwing skin

  37. Bro that batman glider is not worth 1200 v-bucks its between 500-800 v-bucks

  38. McNope says:

    I was in the game with I talk fortnite

  39. "I kinda kept like a dark theme for her"
    Me in the corner looking at the bright yellow rubber ducky

  40. KingPurge says:

    Skin could have been so ducking great if it wasn’t from the glasses the glasses ruin it no matter what style you use😴🙄

  41. NewtOp 420 says:

    Where joker's skin. This trash fortnite. Not make sense. Fuchs trash game

  42. E zzy says:

    I love this skin. I could have bought the batman bundle but im not the biggest fan of him. All I need now is black widow .

  43. Turan_076 says:

    I thought that pickaxe was an umbrella

  44. Saack says:

    4:45 This reminds me something… SHING SHING

  45. Drenamow says:

    I just had to instantly buy the batglider. Thats cool.

  46. Incredible skin! 10/10

  47. The detective skin with the brown coat would work great as commissioner Gordan

  48. Angel _Tv says:

    It kinda looks like lynx from the back but better

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