Click Look- Hitman Absolution Benchmark MAX SETTINGS AMD 7870



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This is a benchmark for the new game, Hitman Absolution. I am benchmarking my graphics card (the AMD 7870) for those that want to know how this game runs while using said card. Here are my other specs as well since some of you have been asking:

Windows 7 Ultimate
8gb ram
DirectX 11
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Processor´╗┐ (6cpus) –2.8ghz
AMD´╗┐ Radeon HD 7870

5 Replies to “Click Look- Hitman Absolution Benchmark MAX SETTINGS AMD 7870”

  1. hemanownsyou says:

    I'm getting a new PC with a gtx 670, i5 3570, and 8gb ram. Can I run max settings on that?

  2. Dutchley says:

    I play the same way as you. All games except first-person shooters are played on the Xbox 360 controller (if the title supports it, of course). Anyway, I think I'll buy this game.

  3. BeachTurtle says:

    At 2:05 why did it show Xbox Controls?

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