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Call Of Duty

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Call of duty black ops declassified for the PS Vita! I do a free for all, and an annoying TDM match. What’s your declassified setup? Please share:
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39 Replies to “COD Black Ops Declassified Gameplay | Close Game!”

  1. DolphinNerd says:

    Who is here in 2019!

  2. reduced2ash says:

    you have the same username as me wtf

  3. Vegitto X says:

    Why use trash weapons

  4. Coming from bo3 and 4 I guess in a way I missed this and the class setup and wanted to compare it to the newer versions. Bo1 just something about it that sets it apart from the others.

  5. People still playing this ?

  6. Im getting this game for christmas and im hyped

  7. MANASA SARA says:

    How did you record ps vita screen

  8. David Rock says:

    On the other hand you did get some major bullshit when you where shooting at enemies so it’s prob just a shitty as lobby.

  9. David Rock says:

    You suck. You ran past 3 enemies and didn’t realize they where enemies and proceeded to complain when they killed you.

  10. bro7 Plays says:

    Why is the Striker in this??

  11. Are you still able to play online on it

  12. Jake Robby says:

    which vita you guys prefer slim or oled

  13. zStorm Extra says:

    Add me .Kingofqscopes

  14. Christian says:

    In my opinion I like this game

  15. Dr. Phil 2.0 says:

    I love this game its way better then the ds version lol

  16. OPOP says:

    the servers still up? im just got a vita so im looking for games

  17. JSN_Alpha says:

    i already saw this video with another guy he is not even playing

  18. Elida Garcia says:

    do this game has zombies

  19. FADE_BOSS 47 says:

    Your gun is not a shot gun so if you don't aim at aim at him you will just be killed

  20. FADE_BOSS 47 says:

    No one cares about you opinion

  21. Kill zone or call of duty declassified?

  22. AriZSaM says:

    2 Guys With A Sniper (^^/)

  23. AriZSaM says:

    You Stole This Video

  24. Lol it looks ok idk y people say it sucks

  25. 5:15 he got a hitmarker w a knife!?!?

  26. KiIler Bear says:

    this cod is a parody of modern warfare 1

  27. At least it's better than fucking bo3

  28. at least its better than xbox 360 black ops 3.

  29. KatouMiwa says:

    looking for people to play with who will use there mic 😀 add me and leave a comment 😉 ( FrostBlaze4Life )

  30. No you were playing smart

  31. Nice, simple little game.

  32. 7:12 turn on captions you will thank me later

  33. Levi Horn says:

    How are you recording the vita so well??

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