COD BO4 TIPS: SMG EASY HEADSHOTS – Gold Camo, Diamond Camo Guide


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Diamond Camo Guide SMG Headshots
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24 Replies to “COD BO4 TIPS: SMG EASY HEADSHOTS – Gold Camo, Diamond Camo Guide”

  1. Mikey Gaming says:

    I jposted Diamond Camo Knife video!
    My Twitch

  2. Seb Astian says:

    Spiiiiiiiiit best weapon i ever played with

  3. Can u do corridite plz

  4. McLovin v7 says:

    Spitfire was literally the easiest

  5. Jose G says:


  6. spitfire is amazing in core, maybe in hard core where amost every gun is a one shot its not amazing

  7. dale tindall says:

    are you joking? or being serious? the Spitfire is one of the best guns in the game and if your getting outgunned by assault rifles other than the Madox then you need to work on your aim man XD

  8. FIRE NADO says:

    Your telling me the spitfire is horrible…

    U good bro

  9. Lucky for me i have spitfire first golf so

  10. Cyborg Robot says:

    The best ppl to get dark matter prophet and ajax

  11. Ryan Howard says:

    The spitfire op maybe it’s just pc but I destroyed with it

  12. I use Spitfire all the time. I get 10+ kills with that weapon. It’s honestly not bad.

  13. Smokes Who says:

    This was oct when the game first came out so everyone talking shit about him saying that the spitfire is bad needs to think and research before talking lolol

  14. A Praetorian says:

    I got it man. Finally. I had the sdm and cordite left. Did the sdm in 1 hour on nuketown and then banged this out.

  15. Max EGGLETON says:

    u have been in my game me user is mightymadmax077

  16. Can you get dark matter without the new guns??

  17. ZxZ XDF says:

    Dude the spitfire is godly I keep getting 30+ kill games on core and hardcore with at least 5 deaths

  18. I’m having problems with the saug

  19. Did this man say the spitfire is horrible?Ig this was before the update?

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