CoD4 Campaign Part 1 "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" PC Gameplay


Call Of Duty

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CoD4 remake hype! These missions look good already and are going to look amazing in the remake! Here are the first two “missions” of the story mode “F.N.G.” and “Crew Expendable” walkthrough. Want to see more CoD4 campaign re-visited? Let me know in the comments!

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33 Replies to “CoD4 Campaign Part 1 "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" PC Gameplay”

  1. Pisses me off how you only ever fire 3 or 4 bullets then immediately reload ??

  2. Serbia * says:

    Ahhh shit i played original as kid with 5-14 years
    iM a bLoOdY GiRl mAn

  3. Please help me I download the game. Game was working properly but there was no sound of the characters.. Please help me how to add voice to characters

  4. Gamerz HA04 says:

    Halo,I want to ask…can i play this game on my Compaq Presario CQ40??

  5. So glad i grew up with this
    COD MW Gameplay

    And not this

    Fartshit gameplay

  6. Kabu SAR says:

    Idiot.. Always got lost.. Thats why you need to learn to follow orders.. You just dont suit to be an elit..

  7. Cod mw released???

    Sorry my bad inglish.

  8. Matt Ball says:

    I remember when my buddy was heated and screaming at the TV and he kept dying his record was like 3/17 or something and this guy with juggernaut kept killing him. We got paired up with the same guy later playing seek and destroy. and he was the last guy (buddy) he killed all of them but this juggernaut and all we hear is "FUUUUCKKINNGG P90…. WITH IRON LUNGS!!!!!!!" We couldn't stop laughing that his New kid was shredding our buddy

  9. Why is gaz sounds like ghost

  10. Jurgen Sala says:

    I got only the demo of the game looks great.Good graphics,good gameplay is very particular looks like you shoot for real.

  11. i have processor : inter (R) Pentium (r) 4 CPU 3.00GHz 3.01Ghz

    ram: 1 GB

    system type : 32-bit operating system

    can i run cod 4??

  12. Ummm….i wonder if every mission on cod 4 was all SAS?

  13. Carl Johnson says:

    Bravo six get the hell damn it

  14. TECHNICAL ST says:

    Can I run it on 32 bit pc

  15. I have played many a games atleast 2000 but this stands deep in my heart

  16. Well, it is better than Nintendo ver.

  17. any one give me link to download it plz

  18. Aoun Abbas says:

    is this the remastered version?

  19. man, how did you get the english version!! please help me x

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