CoD4 Campaign Part 2 "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" PC Gameplay


Call Of Duty

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Want to see more CoD4 gameplay and remake when it comes out? Let me know in the comments! Here are two next missions of the story mode “The Coup” and “Blackout” walkthrough.

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35 Replies to “CoD4 Campaign Part 2 "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" PC Gameplay”

  1. Diaa says:

    Arab Nice language

  2. Mala Dutta says:

    Good but some mistakes

  3. fampu FO says:

    My game is lagging how can I fix it.

  4. Conni Brown says:

    Roses are red violets are blue how in the hell does makov know you?!!

  5. ahhh i loved this game as a little kid 馃檪 i played on my dad work computer :")

  6. Can I play it with Intel 256mb chipset

  7. yunus cam says:

    谋f they are caucassian mujahideen
    you never take al asad 馃檪

  8. MR dj says:

    賳氐賮 丕賱賰賱丕賲 丕賱賯丕賱賴 睾賷乇 賲賮賴賵賲 ?

  9. Khaled Al-Asad considers the mediation of the American forces to free Saudi-Arabia from his valor is a foreign conquest … how foolish he is !!!

  10. Halveslav says:

    14:49 Victor , electrichestvo pogaslo!

  11. Bro please make a video on how to download call of duty 4 highly compresssed please i will wait until you make it and i will subscribe

  12. bro im im pro than you in this game lol

  13. Charlie says:

    i remember this mission playing it first time and it was bruttal and the music in the background ……..just amaizing

  14. Remasted is more cool grapic too

  15. Amir Noun says:

    8:33 REMEMBER BEIRUT?what happened in Beirut
    btw i live in Beirut ! I'm Lebanese

  16. that speech in Arabic and that scene alone is better than campaign of AW BO3 and IW combined

  17. at that time this scene was so of the best scenes in gaming in my opinion.

  18. donnaskead1 says:

    When I saw this I thought was remade version

  19. vichy says:

    This is gonna look so good when the Remastered version comes out. Damn

  20. 賷鬲賰賱賲賵賳 毓乇亘賷

  21. The guy at 15:07 is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scared I feel bad for him

  22. Ah the good old cods when there was none of that running on walls bull shit of Exo suits

  23. Tripz says:

    No talking? boring i think 馃檨

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