CoD4 Campaign Part 3 "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" PC Gameplay


Call Of Duty

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More classic CoD4 story mode! Pretty basic two missions of the campaign “Charlie Don’t Surf” and “The Bog” walkthrough. Enjoying Modern Warfare videos? Let me know in the comments!

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26 Replies to “CoD4 Campaign Part 3 "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" PC Gameplay”

  1. Lol, even to this DAY I have alot of trouble with the Tv station part of this mission.

  2. When you have bored Playing Cod Campaign

  3. Harsh Raj says:

    Me here after codMW2019… still the best

  4. Bryson Albus says:

    that building was a hard level 4 me

  5. no tactics
    just runing like crazy between the alleys,,,suicide man

  6. Wat so u play on wen u play campain mode.

  7. Ur AWSOME at every shooter game

  8. Jolo says:

    Damn, I get stuck in the tv station. Looking at this video when even you almost got killed makes this indeed challenging. I like your tactic when you went straight to the left side, I would usually wait with my comrades until the enemies start firing, not really a good tactic

  9. I come from the future, u will do unboxing in the future

  10. Price Games says:

    You kill your Frindis ????

  11. Rayen Chris says:

    at the first time on mission you always shoot ur friends-, are u panic?

  12. Chernobile says:

    This guy fun killing his teammate like me, playing Black ops 2 I forgot the mission name the objective is helping the mujahideen that attacked by Soviet, I kill 5 allies and no friendly fire alert

  13. Not even 1 minute into the video that he already failed the mission ?

  14. Tamz xD says:

    When a leafy gets swatted

  15. S Key says:

    Noob fat fuck gameplay! Learn how to duck and press z to cover idiot

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