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Beating the Bar one window zombies challenge, if you enjoy the content feel free to sub and join the spud army I stream 5-6 Days Per Week.


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49 Replies to “COMPLETING THE BAR ONE WINDOW CHALLENGE FLAWLESSLY! (Call of Duty Zombies Challenges)”

  1. Spuddley says:

    The bar one window challenge beaten! ?

  2. Accessable says:

    I enjoy watching you bc of the positivity. I've never seen you negative in a single one your videos much love bro

  3. Ninja Mark says:

    I do a bit of FIFA videos, and football videos

  4. 1 ur funne 2 because I can't play the maps 3 because you don't swear

  5. Pxbln says:

    if your not the best at zombies then i don’t know who is

  6. I’ve only watched like two of his stream videos and he’s already one of my favorite YouTubers because he’s just super wholesome

  7. Can you pack a punch a staff?

  8. quality gameplay, quality voice, quality quality, and not in it for the clout. a few reasons i love ya

  9. Rafa Sanchez says:

    You are Cool breeze

  10. Joe Sacco says:

    Jayz has come in with the one dollars thanks jayz….. ITS JAY Z

  11. Reyes Cruz says:

    I see deadshoot dacary

  12. Mangis 66 says:

    Becuse i played alot of cod zombies and now i cant becuse of that į watch u and remember thise times 🙁

  13. Good commitary, and I love watching custume zombies maps while also like seeing you freak out over huge money drops

  14. Does anyone else find it kind of weird that the paped weapons sound like toys?

  15. Kitsune Sama says:

    Hey thank you for you video dude, it's super refreshing in my youtube. I was like desesperate with youtube and didn't find anymore interest in it, and i found your channel and it's great, i love it. Keep the good work. It's cool between speedrun mechanics and just chilling killing zombies 😉

  16. Neo Layton says:

    I like custom zombies and you as a Youtuber.

  17. Space Age says:

    I recently got into your streams, and I love them, but one thing that drives me nuts is how you waste ammo during insta-kill! Haha, keep it up.

  18. Seth Thayer says:

    U actually look at ur chat and talk to them and u give shout outs

  19. Mista_Boi LP says:

    This came up in my recommended lmao great vid

  20. I watch your vids because you are so nice, entertaining, and interactive

  21. Bott Yuup says:

    You do know that saying win is faster then w yes???

  22. Andrew Wiebe says:

    You play really well, and i enjoy the cool maps you do

  23. rene0042 says:

    Nostalgic cut, thats why I am watching.

  24. ShadowCat55 says:

    Because I watched one custom zombies map and now I keep getting you in my suggestions and at the moment I don’t have anything to watch

  25. Fallout Horl says:

    That trigger finger tho

  26. Buffalo Wild Wings during a super bowl in a nut shell

  27. I like ur streams because u always beat the maps

  28. Vladis says:

    You really suck at getting points

  29. Reno says:

    He’s prolly a drug dealer ?

  30. mark faaad says:

    Because you and your videos are awesome

  31. iSolokniir says:

    1:18 “ok we got the FA RO”

  32. Grind, grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind

  33. Royal Zero says:

    The one reason I watch your streams ie because you are so good at zombies and u get through maps so quickly and efficiently and your videos are so enjoyable

  34. Why do you add 737284 mid vid ads to all your vids

  35. Restant means left in french

  36. Because I love the gameplay

  37. Chris R. says:

    "Restants" means "Remaining" 😉

  38. Benjy52 says:

    He’s a bit shit at zombies. Has no clue what he’s doing.

  39. Jehxhxjdvsj says:

    Good job man keep up the great videos

  40. I love your content you are great at black ops and you are nice and like to talk to every one

  41. gamer girl says:

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  42. Your funny your give off good vibes you pay attention to your subs plus your really entertaining

  43. Conor Ramage says:

    The reason I enjoy watching your videos is because you do pay attention to chat but you don’t go down because of it like several other streamers. In other words you’re actually real good compared to others

  44. Conor Ramage says:

    I hope you reach your dream! I’ve been addicted for a week or so

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