CONNOR CARRIES COURAGE?!?!?!?! Fortnite Season 8 Gameplay!



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People I played with

34 Replies to “CONNOR CARRIES COURAGE?!?!?!?! Fortnite Season 8 Gameplay!”

  1. Kyle W. says:

    your team carried you to the youtube victory royale

  2. Spider Man says:

    Conner plz shout me out

  3. Spider Man says:

    Conner show us your settings

  4. Pro Player says:

    Hey Connor just wanted to say how amazing you are. You make me laugh every day. Keep up the good work.👍

  5. Jagwire X says:

    Conner is low key a legend now

  6. U N A Hettie says:

    can you guys check my montage out

  7. onagee e says:

    Courage changed his life congrats con

  8. Joseph Henry says:

    9:40 ummmmmm. CONNOR OP?????

  9. If you think Connor is cool like the vid

  10. Conner can you please sub to me I have watched you on courage channel you are so cool and maybe you can add me one day on the weekend only Aidenmaxmus1 is my name but it would be a honor to play with you

  11. Howl08 says:

    16:04 No naughty words remeber

  12. Rockin101 says:

    Singing the start 😂

  13. conner singing is the best xD

  14. 420k subs nice Connor😂❤️❤️

  15. ball sack says:

    Now you at 420k 💯💯🔥🔥🔥🌱🌿

  16. Connor u better remember courage after when u get really Bigg okay buddy

  17. _asteroidz * says:

    Now you at 420k lol

  18. I feel like conner is lui

  19. Sean Kelly says:

    500k- 1 mil face reveal?

  20. Idox skate says:

    Can i play with you?

  21. Chipdip1738 says:

    with all this bank buy a better pc

  22. CAMERON RUIZ says:

    If your seeing this conner we should play together

  23. Daggerdik420 says:

    I couldn’t watch this 2 mins in it just looked so laggy

  24. Daydex B says:

    Bro we need to play were both 11 we are both good we would get abunch of wins reply back if u wanna play atleast 1 Game it would be a honor fr probally one of the funniest youtubers there are have fun with making videos

  25. SON TRAN says:

    Play rainbow with me @ minhtri8558

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