Counter Strike For Kids – 2008 – reupload w/ no watermark


Counter Strike

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have to upload this since so many people probably cant remember who made it – not that it matters anymore. a video that was made in a hurry because i realized i was a counter strike player and we were making practically no counter strike videos for 1 or 2 years. only a few of us were hardcore counter strike players anyway. rushing this in 3-4 days turned out to be the right choice given the nature of it exploding on the old machinima channel right away. i had a picture of what youtube looked…

41 Replies to “Counter Strike For Kids – 2008 – reupload w/ no watermark”

  1. MosPreD says:

    It never get old, I don't know why, 10/10 Masterpiece

  2. Dewpy says:


  3. Good ol’ Crackbone! Wonder where he is now!

  4. I remember watching this and The Noobs Guide to Counterstrike back in the day.

  5. Dr Bedlam says:

    Crackbone please return :'(

  6. This is important part of history. I grew up watching jssantatoast and this is nice!

  7. TammoKorsai says:

    Still a timeless classic. The extra clown skins predicted modern DLC practices too.


  9. What the fuck, I've just been reminiscing on some old machinima stuff (like "Master Chief sucks at Halo") and now this pops up. Jesus.

  10. Timothy Neu says:

    I remember this classic! Thank you for reuploading it!

  11. Cyn says:

    how the fuck do you even still have this video lmao

  12. phdonny says:

    why must you play with my emotions like im a puppet you sick fuck


  14. MOOSEFET says:

    the irony is that this is literally what csgo turned into.

  15. Nefarious says:

    This never gets old, It still makes me laugh.

    You sir, deserve more exposure and lots of subs for making my childhood the most entertaining ever!

  16. DrilTon says:



  18. jackthegamer says:

    so much memories flowing back, you remember ben buja stuff with gta 4?

    tho seriously this was an era of youtube we will never see again

  19. This is one of my all time favorites, I still quote it to this day. Thanks for making it <3

  20. onebigfatguy says:

    Ah such wonderful memories. Thanks for sticking with us Xanatos.

  21. Ah, such sweet memories, violent, and totally child-friendly memories~

  22. Watching this gets more reverrence from me than nine/eleven in remembrance

  23. Icksnuck says:

    You guys were ahead of your time :/

  24. 12 million views the last time I remember all gone, lets bring that number back

  25. Francisco says:

    Thank you for reuploading this, it's a true relic of another time of Youtube.
    I still remember playing with you The Specialists mod many years ago and you thanked me when I said I liked your vids, right after you told another guy in voice chat to eat the peanuts off his shit. Simpler times, but fun times.

  26. Man i hope this doesn't gets taken down by COPPA

  27. TylerRVG says:

    Good memories. I remember around the time this came out, I used pretty much all the skins featured in this vid for a short while, since you had links to 'em all on the JS website. Made playing CSS just a little bit more amusing to me.

  28. NetElvis says:

    after watching this back, you've somehow predicted fortnite in a very meta way

  29. Dan Michael says:

    Hey Xanatos do you have plans to create new gmod machinima content? And also are you going to upload Soldiers of Misfortune next?

  30. CS for Kids? More like CS for PUSSIES

  31. bichoi96 says:

    Without the "what?" mess of real water gun battles?

    This had a lot of views on Machinima. Rip

  32. Only eight years old and he's already talking about DRIVE BYS!

  33. James Pierce says:

    So, are the guys who made the George Lopez bit still mad at you that you popularized it even though you asked to use it and they said yes?

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