Counter Strike: Global Offensive ep: 18|||My CS: GO Skins


Counter Strike

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Here are all my 33 skins. Have fun!! 😛

P2000 | Pulse-Factory New-1,45€
Dual Berettas | Black Limba-Field Tested-0,93€
P250 | Valence-Minimal Wear-0,60€
Five-SeveN | Kami-Factory New-1,09€
Desert Eagle | Bronze Deco-Factory New-2,49€

Nova | Green Apple-Factory New-0,69€
XM1014 | Bone Machine-Field Tested-1,10€
MAG-7 | Heaven Guard-Minimal Wear-0,28€
M249 | Magma-Minimal Wear-0,39€
Negev | Desert-Strike-Field-Tested-0,09€

MP9 | Deadly Poison-Field Tested-0,27€

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  1. LABPROFESS says:

    Liked and subbed

    Trying to get a new video up today

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