counter strike trick de_dust2


Counter Strike

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How to get to bomb site A quick?
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26 Replies to “counter strike trick de_dust2”

  1. Obvious troll is obvious…

  2. elion fostla says:

    nOBBBBBBBBBBB this is spray and gravity

  3. Decoy Master says:

    *How you Dude This //////

  4. Sumit Das says:

    de_dust2 was remapped here added a ladder with ladder tex and used ladder spray

  5. AnesIsMyName says:

    439 broke their nose when they tried it 😀

  6. Guys this is just the ladder spray and sv_Gravity code noobs

  7. Squeezer says:

    sv_gravity 100 -.-'

  8. TheFreakCy says:

    426 tried it and it didnt work haha!

  9. Jer Ry says:

    fra esti codat e rupi tot !!!!!

  10. Fpsarena pl says:



    Sloty: 20

    Nazwa: HardStyle[OnlyDD2]


    Wejdz na forum i zloz podanie na Admina

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