CS:GO Surfing In Fortnite 3



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Yo. Its Rhyno and I made another video. In this video, I CS:GO surf in Fortnite for a third time.

Part 4 Coming Soon!


If you are reading this, comment “Rhyno is a potato” to get hearted.

18 Replies to “CS:GO Surfing In Fortnite 3”

  1. Me: you know, for my channel size, I think I’m pretty good at editing!
    Me: watches one of your videos
    Me: I’m a failure

  2. dank- 0 says:

    B U T. STILL 156 SUBS?

  3. N.T.A.P says:

    What pc do u use

  4. Deft Epic says:

    You should make deathrun maps, kind of like scissors

  5. Deft Epic says:

    I was your 100th sub lol

  6. ZBRA says:

    Rhyno. Me, levi, and rng are gonna be recording cs this week. Hit me up on discord if you wanna join.

  7. Nik Rozic says:

    Bro your editing and vids are awesome. If u get a support a creator code im gonna use it. Keep up with the amazing work

  8. Someone get this man a gosh darn support a creator code. Yo just found your channel your editing is really good and your producing really good content. Keep up the good work

  9. Hey I like ur YouTube channel

  10. you should've started the game

  11. Ryan takes peoples work makes it his own and then showcases it with someone who doesn’t even like fortnite…

  12. King Duffls says:

    U didn’t give me or Laith any credit

  13. Laith Saah says:

    Rhyno is a potato

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