CSGO: Western Adventure Map, Saloon Bar Fight, Cowboy Showdown (Counter Strike GO – Comedy Gaming)


Counter Strike

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29 Replies to “CSGO: Western Adventure Map, Saloon Bar Fight, Cowboy Showdown (Counter Strike GO – Comedy Gaming)”

  1. Hey Fran do you Pin? Oh btw awesome video! xD

  2. Savage boss says:

    Hey Fran, bro I love your videos. Great shit, keep up the great content.

  3. Make a hood Santa video

  4. This has a better story then Hunt down the freeman

  5. Grim Metal says:

    1/3 of the video is mostly retakes

  6. when will u record a new l4d2 video

  7. 0:56 it’s the only way lotus is going to get his dick sucked

  8. Grim Metal says:

    Your comedy gaming is what I’m waiting for all my life!

  9. Eyy _ says:

    I swear you guys always make me Lmao you deserve more subscribers and likes ?

  10. Awesome vid fran what happened to zero foxx

  11. Your the best YouTuber they go frandaman1

  12. GalaxyGamer says:

    XD THE BLOW JOB THOUGH great video keep it up

  13. No dislikes!!!! No wonder your the best!!! Cause you are!!!!!

  14. Did lotus die by the door in the bloopers???

  15. Why did you whisper "what if I just touch it" XD also great video

  16. GamesxChaos says:

    your so funny Fran one of my favorite youtubers

  17. Benji says:

    Ahh takes me back.

  18. king4ate says:

    Instantly demonetized

  19. Great video as always!

  20. WOZENZ says:

    "F**k this s**t" XD This man deserves an Oscar XD

  21. Shout out me I love u

  22. DAT BOI says:

    Lotus keeps getting a blow job

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