DRIFTBOARD OLYMPICS For LOOT *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale



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27 Replies to “DRIFTBOARD OLYMPICS For LOOT *NEW* Game Mode in Fortnite Battle Royale”

  1. Hunter Pope says:

    You no how ssundee says he will shut up he doesn’t shut up when he says hit that like Botton

  2. Big dog Try says:

    Anyone else sick of fortnite

  3. Aiden Beal says:

    Now I know why he's called BIFFle. LOL 😆.

  4. KenO & Games says:

    Dance grenades + Shockwave grenades + Clingers + Rocket launcher = Danceplosion I (Danceplosion I + Boombow – Rocket launcher = Danceplosion II).

  5. bigwalt84 says:

    How. Many times did he say to hit the like button so can shut up but I still like his vids

  6. EugeneReid says:

    0:29 ooooooh😂😂😂😂

  7. Ninja FBI says:

    How can he had a bow if evry one can get green but ssundee

  8. He doesn’t need the rpg

  9. Donijuan XD says:

    When are you making merch

  10. My brother 2 He loves you

  11. E Schnoker says:

    thank you for using that combo

  12. If you emote on the drift board you will spin faster while in the air

  13. Xd Savage says:

    F u ssudee you suck my d

  14. Singi is dog ssundee should of won

  15. Bacon Beast says:

    You should play save the world

  16. Awwad Zreqat says:

    Ssundee plss follow me on tik tok i follow you

  17. Ayden Tman says:

    I love your vids <3

  18. Hey why can’t the gun be womanly Ian lol

  19. Cybo Killer says:

    I like your video ssundae

  20. This was on my birthday. 😃😃

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