Elite Controller Setup for Builder Pro Controls (Fortnite)



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My elite controller settings for builder pro. Comment what your setup is or how mine could be better!

37 Replies to “Elite Controller Setup for Builder Pro Controls (Fortnite)”

  1. Jamie Brewer says:

    How do you turn the buttons that you've mapped off, to stop you using them?

  2. Lalo Suarez says:

    Um um um um um um um how many times does this guy need to say um 😂😂🤣

  3. Play against me bro I’ll smack you

  4. Timmy Turner says:

    god squid is such a bot the clip at the very beginning proves that not every OG player is good

  5. I play builder pro a as edit and the lower left paddle as jump (binded to right on the d pad) but i want to use all the paddles and suggestions thanks

  6. Primo 420 says:

    I like this content. I suggest turning down the game audio a lil bit tho , so we can hear u better 👍🏾
    Great job tho !! 👍🏾👍🏾

  7. Enzo says:

    What do u have ur triggers on

  8. Bruheehhh says:

    You're missing out with that Right stick,smooth is amazing.Allows you to have your Sensitivity on 8-10 and still make those small tiny adjustments at longer ranges.

  9. Im Fawesome says:

    Your button binds are by far the best

  10. What do you use to record gameplay and audio

  11. Chris M says:

    I'd switch your A and B around jump aim and shoot

  12. So my question is can’t you just assign each one off the 4 build options to the 4 paddles on the back off the elite controller

  13. ZexRo says:

    Lol I build better than you on combat pro and I use a normal controller BTW I joined in season 3 too

  14. JuanRacc says:

    Just got an Elite yesterday, at first was losing all my gunfights in a few games, cod, halo and fortnite just to name a few but slowly I'm gettin the hang of it and the paddles are becoming a huge help for jump/drop shotting. Highly recommend the controller to anyone on the fence, overall high quality and nice

  15. My controller won’t turn on I’ve tried everything it’s brand new same with my Xbox one S anyone have anything they might know how to turn it on I’m wrecked I’ve wasted an hour already

  16. Lol I can’t use four paddles. I play x on the left and a on the right and that’s it. Nothing else I can’t use four paddles lol

  17. Do you still use this?

  18. Lexah says:

    Hi nice video! I must warn you using different settings on your analogs can cause a stick drift in the near future I’ve had this issue as well as some others

  19. Patrick says:

    Lmfao this is terrifying to use. Feels like when I started using combat pro however, nice video homie.

  20. Catwig says:

    How do you disable the button

  21. TwoWork says:

    Want to play sometime?

  22. Thrash says:

    I just got one today lol looks like it’s going to take some time to adjust. I was losing battles I would normally win my brain is like wtf is going on.

  23. Team Utopia says:

    Can someone plz tell me what buttons/paddles to map all my building controls to thx a bit confused

  24. Im getting the elite controller tommorow 2nd 9 days and its my bday

  25. Rynx says:

    When you build do you Spam or Hold the build button? Builder pro btw. Also more solo squads pls

  26. Hoy don't the triggerstops or something ?

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