Epic Games made a knockoff Call of Duty game


Call Of Duty

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Once upon a time, Epic Games, the creator of the game Fortnite, created this beautiful game, Duty Calls. This game is from 2011 and is supposed to be a parody of the Call of Duty franchise. I stumbled upon this game randomly and decided it’d make for a hilarious video. Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for…

32 Replies to “Epic Games made a knockoff Call of Duty game”

  1. where we droppin boys

  2. It was a joke game meant to be a joke

  3. TwannTV says:

    Imagine being promoted and sponsored to play a game and legit roast the fuck out of it

  4. Everyone who plays fortnite is gay

  5. dagva says:

    to be fair epic is literally only good after copying from other games.

  6. SCP 096 says:

    The old Gears of wars are still good in 2019.

  7. Lol how does nobody remember this game?

  8. of a adrian says:

    Wait EPIC made this?? XD

  9. of a adrian says:

    Yoooooo I’m still subscribed??

  10. Jakob Wilcox says:

    M3rkMus1c did it first a couple of years ago

  11. Cyqo 7 says:

    See this is y fortnite is terrble they just copy other games

  12. Loco says:


  13. Trevor Young says:

    The picture at the end my cousin is in that he has the beard that's so cool

  14. Murder says:

    Hola Come Mi Culo

  15. Łøu {KLT} says:

    If trump made a gun ?

  16. Light 024 says:

    Who is playing Call of duty while watching this video

  17. Starkill y2k says:

    This shit is classic ?? I remember watching this years ago

  18. SpectreBR says:

    I remember this from years ago

  19. Connection interrupted

  20. love the song at the end?

  21. That’s probably why cod bo4 stole ur battle royale idea EPIC

  22. ItzJxstZxiin says:

    M3rkMus1c already played this

  23. PyroPython 3 says:

    It is illegal to shoot a paratrooper i think because of world law idk but it is hard for them to defend themselves so maybe thats why

  24. Nigga this qint epic games

  25. Epic didn’t make this and ur channel is dead

  26. Atleast it's better then call of duty black ops 4

  27. They did a great job of making fun of call of duty

  28. Schnitzel says:

    If only Epic were still like this and not a company obsessed with spending millions of Fortnite dollars on exclusivity deals for their cancerous launcher.

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