EVERY EASTER EGG in Call of Duty MOBILE ZOMBIES! (100% Completion)


Call Of Duty

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All Call of Duty MOBILE ZOMBIES Easter Eggs including Side Easter Eggs!
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►FULL COD Mobile Zombies Easter Egg + Boss Fight:

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Gameplay – Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Easter Eggs are here showing every Easter Egg & Side Easter Egg in this video! This is the Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Easter Egg with Boss Fight, which is only available in the Hardcore Raid mode. Includes…

37 Replies to “EVERY EASTER EGG in Call of Duty MOBILE ZOMBIES! (100% Completion)”

  1. Night fx3 says:

    Found most of them allready before u uploaded that 🙂

  2. The plant is not buggy, it has a pattern what to kill first.

  3. Jason Todd says:

    I dont spent money to buy guns, I spent it to buy trip mine because I don't have to worry about ammo

  4. For the plants they aren't glitchy you just have to shoot them in a specific order

  5. mate nice vid lets do round 60+ can we play together matr

  6. CocoSpeaks says:

    There’s more then two parts on zombies it’s 4 total I’m still trying to find out where the other two go

  7. Guys this might be a stretch but does anyone else remember the distant monster EE from zetsubou that came out on round 50 only for a couple of seconds when the round started. Could it be speculated that the tree monster thing is it from the EE

  8. How do I get the pack-a-punch

  9. Symptomatic says:

    After I found out about the underground bunker that double tap worked wonders for me

  10. Jenelle Mont says:

    If groot and swamp thing had a babby

  11. Kyle Hughes says:

    There's a specific order for the bulbs in zetsubo. Wen yu first go in room the far right top room. Then bottom right room. Then middle left side then middle right. Only takes one time of shooting save your ammo guys your welcome in advance

  12. NubKat 97 says:

    The root eggs thing have an order to complete it

  13. Ronit Sarkar says:

    Is it with me or you people also encounter a glitch where the teddies or the plants or the eggs after shooting the pans becomes transparent to bullets and so cannot get all the ticks on the map. Sad

  14. Ha round 48 my highest (which is the wr) is 56

  15. Rafi M8 BFGB says:

    thanks my friend and i played till we fell asleep trying to solve these puzzles

  16. Adam Milner says:

    zombies is broken you can have the Ray gun has your primary and secondary gun wtf

  17. Do you have to complete these tasks for each game or once you do it once it’s unlocked forever?

  18. In survival mode,i just survived in 42 rounds and my level is 55 to 61, i think they should add a pack a punch so that our weapons will be great.

  19. K.D Nawng says:

    Call of duty skull head is from skullgirl

  20. Apple Nade says:

    There is a pattern in hitting the plants usually the pattern is
    To your right shoot the tree to the very left then to the very right after go to the left part where the letter is then shoot that and the last one…..

  21. T.L. E. says:

    Why does the map spawn 4 gears if you only need 2 of them. We are missing something.

  22. Bayu Aji says:

    What reward did you get ?

  23. I got to round 28 but never noticed a Easter egg

  24. gandalfdegay says:

    The roots dont glitch there is a certain order to shoot em. If you get a blue cloud after shooting its the right one in the order

  25. On the plant part is not glitches is the a certain pattern…

  26. Sian White says:

    What’s the song playing in the background of your video?

  27. Legacy BLOB says:

    Wow I did this an then found the video and because of my android, of course I cant record it.

  28. Storysgaming says:

    2:35 wrong you have to shoot then I a specific order.
    First: far right as you enter the room
    Second: bottom right
    Third: the one on the left
    Finally the middle on on the right

  29. jerry lor says:

    Jubokko is basically Groot on Steroids

  30. Sraelv says:

    I found one bear ?:(

  31. Nicky G says:

    The plants must be shot in a specific order otherwise they regrow. First back right, then front right, then left, then middle right. I found this on my first game lol

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