Evolution Of Fortnite 2011-2019



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Fortnite’s players have changed over the years. The Evolution of Fortnite 2011-2019 and 2011-2018 has been a wild ride.
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44 Replies to “Evolution Of Fortnite 2011-2019”

  1. xd saamo says:

    The should have a beginner cup and u have to play 50 games u till u get a rank. Old players get a rank after 10 games. And there should be a casual game mode with no matchmaking

  2. Collo says:

    this wan't rlly an evolution of fortnite vid it was more like ideas for fortnite to be better lol

  3. Name says:

    Play Save the World to learn the basics.

  4. KStarMG says:

    Honestly a rank system wouldn't be too bad Epic actually listen to this plz

  5. I don’t want ranked play but I do want a tutorial for new players

  6. Kahanda says:

    I know what your saying about ranked play and I really want it to happen but fortnite is a free game. The thing you said about new players join with other new players until they get a certain amount of kills will never work. People could just make a new account for free and even if they have been playing since season one, the game thinks the account is new and will place them with other players who dont know how to build

  7. Meroxx says:

    Yo sub to fortnite lot

  8. MrCrandy says:

    Ranked is that what everyone wanty

  9. AO1337 says:

    thumbnail is of save the world
    ,doesn't even mention it once or show any save the world gameplay

  10. EctornedFX says:

    I started on Season 1 so i got some skill from the past Seasons but i changed to PC on Season 3 and i played CS:GO so i had good aim but bad building so i started practising and im good now. kinda. if u dont believe that im from season 1 then watch one of my old streams from season 1

  11. 3 mins of talking about ninja like if hes the CEO. He definitely didn't make the average player and isnt the best. All the actual good educational content comes from random YouTubers and not from these twitch streamers. Fortnite made him famous he didn't make fortnite famous. The evolution of fortnite but talks 3 min about ninja. There is way more streamers than NINJA

  12. Evasive says:

    I think they should add ranked play, based on your K.D ratio and win rate (in that playlist respectively.) Also, the average stream sniper can't even stream snipe anyone because of their, lets say MMR, because a typical streamer has higher MMR than stream snipers. I think this would be a good change.

  13. The title doesn't really match the video…

  14. Didn’t say anything about save the world

  15. I play fortnite just to dance if we're being honest

  16. 3D_Hollywood says:

    At 0:26
    A mobile player got more kills than that so far so boom ?

  17. 4:04 you might just be a little wrong. For Shroud, shooting is enough.

  18. July2K says:

    i want to be tfue not ninja

  19. Ranked Matchmaking Will Make fortnite die overtime

  20. Cj Zkiab says:

    What a detailed video. Great job guys, I think you guys should be the new dev team.

  21. Ghostly says:

    2017: fortnite is fun
    2019: fortnite is too hard and sweaty and I’m done

  22. Ninja really isn't that educational

  23. Yep, I would love a system that moves good players up to a higher level. It could be something like 5 wins and you move up a level and so on. Newbies could still be allowed to play with friends at a higher level, but more skilled players couldn’t move down to slaughter newbies. It’s so tedious to grind through game after game only to be sent back to the bus again and again. Could be a lot more fun, I truly feel I’m waisting my time, great game but needs adjusting.

  24. DNiD_Ballin says:

    Ranked play wouldn’t be good because then noibs facing other noobs wouldn’t get them better.

  25. B_U_L_L_E_T says:

    They didn’t forget about the new player they added planes

  26. Kay King says:

    Why doesn't epic make it by how you play and what placements you die in decide what kind of players they play against

  27. xd Mixer says:

    Bro we OGs want skill in the game no explosives and planes for nee players

  28. Arin says:

    Playground made everyone be ninja.

    Don't get offended, this is sarcasm.

  29. Fortnite Free Skins here 😡 -> ogurl. co/cd0A

  30. Wu Thomas says:

    They really should have ranked

  31. Reedefied says:

    ranked play is a must in fortntie just has to been done right

  32. Ree Ieee says:

    Been playing since alpha the only way you could play is if you had save the world which I preordered and I found out about it in 2015

  33. EnvyFN says:


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