EXCLUSIVE – FREE GIVEWAY Hitman: Absolution + Gameplay



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Do you want to play Hitman: Absolution for free? Check out the video for a way to get it for free now. Also you can watch a bit of gameplay to see you like it or not before you download it. Act fast, you have a limited time to reedem it.

I want apologise for my bad spelling, any other language related mistakes, I’m not an enlgish native speaker and also I’m not that used to talking by myself, I’ll slowly be better at this so bare with me here xD. Thanks for watching, here you have the links…

2 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE – FREE GIVEWAY Hitman: Absolution + Gameplay”

  1. hey bro, can you play the contracts mode?

  2. Bruh, you better put the rules of your giveaway in your description or you’ll get in trouble with YT..

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