FARCRY 4: Escape the prison Ep.40


Call Of Duty

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Playing Minecraft, FarCry 4, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Borderlands: The pre sequel

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Crazy fun Co-Op…

19 Replies to “FARCRY 4: Escape the prison Ep.40”

  1. HERObyPROXY says:

    How did they get an unconscious Ajay up to the second story of his house?

  2. I liked far cry 3 more

  3. Use RPGs on the big dude

  4. Robby Green says:

    Dude 22 minutes LOL XD!!

  5. meaty please read this you have to go from the back of the big dudes… and shot them in the head because they don't have armor there

  6. Meaty if you do more Sabah missions it will tell you the same thing

  7. Drakourn says:

    Meaty do the hurk missions and invite gunns to join u

  8. awesome vid meaty you owned the prison break mission =) you did it. JAMMMMM!!!

  9. Hello under 301 club

  10. Lumpymoose00 says:

    how can u skin without a knife meaty lol

  11. U can buy the heli front of ur house from that guy its called buzzer

  12. U should throw bait in himalayas it will bring in snow leopard

  13. Viperblood77 says:

    Far cry 4 was one of the best games i have played but i got to say the ending isn't what i expected. 

  14. Doug Melon says:

    meaty, you did this the hardest way possible! i just ran nonstop to the end!

  15. Cixey says:

    Go and watch Sharpy Mc daiky vids and sub if u want to make videos with me like and subscribe

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