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Hope y’all enjoyed this spicy video. Like and sub boys we just hit 1k. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below!


  1. mgkiller474 says:

    bro i've tried all of these its still crashes

  2. BGL ViSiN says:

    mine is on the second one and i did everything but when i opened vault cache i had nothing and i get that thing on my screen all the time. please anybody help?

  3. LetsLynxThat says:

    I get a lot of weird bugs like when i emote it freezes my charictor and wont let me do anything but walk around. if i go to my desktop it says gpu crashed. if i get in a boat it shows a weird camera angle the same as the gun/tool i had out before but zoomed in. i meet all of the reqs and go over. my reqs 1070ti ryzen 5 3600 and some atx gaming motherboard if some one knows and things i should try let me know P.S. ive already reinstalled completely

  4. Pikachu _. says:

    On my ps4 it says press down thingy and when I press it it just moves around lmao

  5. Matt_Limit says:

    Ur a legend my game is so much smoother right now

  6. I had 1000 things in fortnite game

  7. Thank you bro . This doesn’t work

  8. Specs Fn says:

    Bro I can’t even play pubs I can only play creative anyone know how to fix it

  9. Team Aqua says:

    I love how my laptop doesnt crash on intel graphics and im crashing rn on my pc with a rx 560

  10. RUBIX says:

    nice, now i have more laggs, and my game is not freezing once in a match, it freezes 4-5 Times in a match!

  11. it worked no joke thnx man i subed

  12. fucking thank you i did all exept the last one and it helped me because i would lanch the game and 3 seconds in it would crash and i did this during sesion twee chapter 2 and its still work this is amazing Not click bait sry i couldn't help myself

  13. FalseMSP says:

    this dude has chromium lol. Don't trust him

  14. Vaildzz says:

    my game freezes when loading in a game

  15. Forensic YT says:


  16. plss help my game is just crashing every time I'm trying for matchmaking except creative im on pc

  17. epic games folder is empty?

  18. Pro Master says:

    My game crashes when i start it

  19. CharmaFN says:

    Thxx bro your are the best

  20. Wow this actually worked thank you so much

  21. QuickRocket says:

    In chapter 2 Season 2 my game keeps on crashing at the loading screen anyone knows why?

  22. What if I did all fix will it give me ultimate FPS?

  23. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ONE OF THE FIXES ACTUALLY WORKED! (I do not know which one.)

  24. CM Gaming says:

    Can anyone help me when I go into a game and it's on the loading screen it stays on that screen then after 10 minutes it either says application hang or it puts me back in the lobby. Can someone please help it will really make me happy.

  25. prenight says:

    Also if you see the app called chromium its a virus he probably didnt notice because his apps are cluttered so if you see this delete it for the safety of your personal info

  26. Y O says:

    I always freeze on Fortnite but no other games I tryed everything I got this pc for 800$
    I regret buying a pre built pc I am making my own

  27. AGX2001 11 says:

    my problem is that my computer is a patato
    im gonna get a better pc

  28. Kel RBLX says:

    When ever im boutta win a match, like when its 6-8 ppl left, it just freezes and It removes me from the game and takes me back to Epic Games Launcher…

  29. my game just gose black but I can still hear the gameplay

  30. Team Trop says:

    when i go into full screen i get application crash detected. any fix?

  31. UnderDogle says:

    I'm on ps4 mid match 4 vs 3 my game still works and everybody is moving the timer for storm is still moving but I cant move or do anything then it kicks me and says they hit a roadblock

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