Fortnite 2nd BIRTHDAY EVENT! (New Fortnite Birthday Rewards)



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Fortnite 2nd BIRTHDAY EVENT! Free Rewards & New Birthday Challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale!?
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30 Replies to “Fortnite 2nd BIRTHDAY EVENT! (New Fortnite Birthday Rewards)”

  1. iTankid says:


  2. Fortnite Username : Azazelbalam on PS4
    I start playing in season 7
    It would be funny if they did a cake fight in a LTM just like the water balloon fight in 14 days of summers 🤣

  3. My epic is coachjrob78

  4. Nintendo switch season 3or6

  5. ツeGenial says:

    my eic is VTR_eGenial

  6. Sonicsboi switch season 4

  7. Randy Paul says:

    User name….NABPOOL

  8. prokingboy says:

    Maybe the robot vs monster live event will happen on footnotes birthday

  9. Giv mi sam v buks btich i faking het yor vedios XxnewbiexX666 i strtd playing on sisin 69420

  10. Also my epic is ŁCHILLSŁ OR Mad_Devill1 and I play on Ps4.

  11. Adam Shosha says:

    I have 0 vbucks my epic is AdamShosha123

  12. 6ix 9ine says:

    I started season three

  13. My epic is dark_ayden123 YT and btw I think it’s c

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