Fortnite: 4 Layer Ramp Push (Advanced Building Tips)



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A new 4 layer Fortnite advanced building tip/strategy.
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28 Replies to “Fortnite: 4 Layer Ramp Push (Advanced Building Tips)”

  1. Ross says:

    This uses a lot of materials but it's still useful in some situations so decided to make a video on it. Let me know if you have any ideas for future videos!

  2. Julian Kim says:

    floor wall stair is easier

  3. dan valdes says:

    Do you use turbo build for this build method?

  4. Elijah Adams says:

    I play on Xbox and I can basically do it but I usually miss one thing and I use builder pro

  5. Start streaming while maintaining these uploads and you’ll take off in no time with building like that

  6. The bottom floor vs a fully loaded LMG

  7. Zx Cloxzy says:

    I foollowed ur twitch

  8. t6nner says:

    Are you turbo building while doing this?

  9. Amazing im will traning for this

  10. Plz make a fortnite settings/controls video

  11. Busia says:

    Try to do 6 layers

  12. Can you show us how to avoid a grenade launcher attack if its coming to our face

  13. Blaze says:

    6 Layer Ramp Push.

    Do the 3 layer one twice side by side

  14. Yo u r so helpfull thanks 2 much <3

  15. Evil Gameboy says:

    Im waiting for the 6 layer ramp tutorial

  16. Shashank Pal says:

    Can it be done at 150 ping ? :/

  17. Nickyb 123 says:

    Your a comp snipe player right

  18. CrizbY HD says:

    Everyone knew this?

  19. M _Gutter says:

    Tired of wood in YOUR inventory try are new method of stairs for home then ps. Not for consoe players pc exclusive

  20. Did you know nick eh 30 is subbed to you

  21. Jan Jäger says:

    Nice vid overall. Do u think that only one ramp and not double ramp is enough and does it also work

  22. L_Luke 5853 says:

    I can already do this… on console

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