FORTNITE: Aim Better On PC!!! Best Settings, Tips, Tricks, and MORE!



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Welcome! Today’s video involves me showing you ways on how to improve your aiming. This will help you be called an aimbotter and it’s funny! Take all these tips and tricks and add them to your skills to improve all shots! Take out enemies quicker and get victory royales! Thanks for watching, Hope you enjoyed!


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22 Replies to “FORTNITE: Aim Better On PC!!! Best Settings, Tips, Tricks, and MORE!”

  1. NovaFIO says:

    Hope the tutorial helped! Comment if you want more tutorials! I’ll be more than happy to make them! (Just not planes..) lol

  2. isaac daniel says:

    Thanka bro even though this video was like made in season 5 it still helped me in season 8

  3. byLINK says:

    Hey bro can you help me improve my aim in general i just get so nervous when i fight my epic is zoy malo

  4. You have 1.5 k views little mena and your sleek slacking you forgot to check your views men

  5. imArifY says:

    You play eu then add me ArifY

  6. Thx for the tips and tricks dude hopefully u can hit 1k by this year?

  7. Mr Sanity says:

    What’s ur dpi bro for your mouse

  8. Rezertic says:

    I play keyboard and mouse too bruh u wanna 1v1?

  9. Jagason says:

    I need help with my long range aim like with an ar and hitfiree and haaving trouble doing headshots with shotguns btww so laggy cant type. Epic i: Jagason

  10. Troll says:

    You are like a god on this game

  11. Troll says:

    Can you add me my name is OlatejuD on fortnite please

  12. Fazal Quadri says:

    can you help me improve my shotgun shots and tracking bcuz I suck at it. When I play playground with friends I’ll do decent but miss in close quarters my epic is misterdeath02 thanks for any help

  13. ToxicMaddi says:

    Yeah i have a similar problem as most people because i struggle winning shotgun fights yet i can build fairly quick

  14. #PressPress I can't seem to win any shotgun fights or build fast

  15. C0NN3RJAZZ says:

    What PC do you play on?

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