Fortnite: Best Pro Scrim Discord Servers | Pc Xbox & Ps4!



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This video features some of the best Pro Scrim Discord Servers for Na east, Na west, EU and Oceania. Most of these servers work for Pc, Xbox, and Ps4 making them extra fun!

Server Invite Links

(Na East & West)

Geerzy’s Community:
Atlantis NA:
Mayhem scrims East:
Mayhem scrims West:

(Eu Servers)

Atlantis EU:

31 Replies to “Fortnite: Best Pro Scrim Discord Servers | Pc Xbox & Ps4!”

  1. Geerzy says:

    If you found a server you enjoy or if this video helped you consider using code "Geerzy" in the item shop to greatly support me! Also, I apologize to everyone playing on Brazilian and Asian servers, I couldn't find any active scrim servers );

  2. WFC Wolfy says:

    Do you have any scrims for bots?

  3. KarmzFN says:

    FNPL has gotten pretty toxic lately, little kids or joining and it's just becoming a big mess

  4. TheProves says:

    Can we play on it cross platformed? (3 pc and 1 Xbox)

  5. Asia servers are not there on Xbox?

  6. Aztec says:

    Fortnite nobility’s Xbox And PS4 eu scrims are good

  7. I think Atlantis scrims are ful but i am in it

  8. LegitZombie says:

    You missed fortnite nobility they are a Xbox eu that have over 50,000 members It also has frequent stacked scrims

  9. Rewind says:

    Another good video geerzy keep up the good work

  10. Asia server I think Infinity Scrims is the best

  11. Jahseh Holt says:

    Mayhem isn't console I was in mayhem before this vids more than half of the people in the mayhem scrims are PC.

  12. Bash Flips says:

    Look how long it is ?

  13. Just _piggy says:

    Literally all of them are expired

  14. Jasin j13 says:

    Can u send me a link to the west mayhem discord

  15. Geerzys scrim server wow so biased xD

  16. How do I find the mayhem east I typed mayhem east scrims and it didn’t work

  17. Nico M says:

    what about brazil servers?

  18. Adro Gamer says:

    I used "geerzy" for the wrap and support 🙂
    But I used it with the G with the small letter does that count? I hope so BC I cant change it right now

  19. Can you learn how to play scrims?

  20. vFintann says:

    Atlantis scrim link not working

  21. Asia religion doesn't count

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