Fortnite: "CHUG SPLASH" Update Gameplay WITH GIVEAWAYS – (Fortnite Update)



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Fortnite: “CHUG SPLASH” Update Gameplay WITH GIVEAWAYS – (Fortnite Update)

Fortnite Chug Splash NEW ITEM update tonight it is described as it pays to share. Keep your squadI in the game! will be doing fortnite giveaways as well during this fortnite battle royale update

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10 Replies to “Fortnite: "CHUG SPLASH" Update Gameplay WITH GIVEAWAYS – (Fortnite Update)”

  1. I loved it boi i really did keep it up

  2. Dommy Teh bambyy… Now this will Get a Heart for no reason And Dom Yes yes I am sure and I will post this on every video until everyone does #Dommytehbambyy

  3. U dont ad,that probly y you dont have many subs

  4. yajaira leon says:

    I remembered I played a fortnite game with you

  5. Sophie Fyfe says:

    thanks for the highlight

  6. Hey Dom You always have to timed me out of a rappel for you livestream next rappel I’m not doing it you you won’t make my night the worst

  7. Brucie Allen says:

    Hey Dom i like your livestream bro and I'm really sorry i fall a sleep

  8. Kenny TWD says:

    Why was I one minute late again!

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