Fortnite Console SECRET You Did Not Know | Aim Assist Update



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Fortnite Battle Royale PC players are notorious for complaining about aim assist on consoles. However, their concerns are valid. Aim assist is the key for taking your game to the next level with the ability to toggle on/off.


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43 Replies to “Fortnite Console SECRET You Did Not Know | Aim Assist Update”

  1. Rodey Bros says:

    Train those shots and you brothers will be wrecking soon! Let me know if this works out for you guys like it has for me!

  2. Knight · says:

    Bro But I Have Ps4 And My Aim assist Totally doesnt work and i have it on IDk Why the fxck Its not working

  3. Who's watching in season 8 of fortnite

  4. It's bullshit aim assist is on and does not land on opponent

  5. SARAHWAVE says:

    The only players that would complain about aim assist are the mouse and keyboard cheaters that lose their advantage in console only matches.

  6. Aim is more ezzzz on pc, but on console you can edit better and build better…

  7. Wow just play without the assist thats how you get better….

  8. To get good shoots without aim aisst just aim in and out

  9. RandomR4 says:

    Thanks for the top! I really needed it because i have a mic for my videos audio to be better but i had to give up using mouse and keyboard because it would make a really loud ringing and when i got back to it i sucked so im better with controller but still suck so this could help with my aim because i cant figure out how to do aim assist.
    P.S. sorry for my half a paragraph.

  10. Jahs Jk says:

    Why is everyone he kills defaults

    Like if you agree

  11. I mean i have console i think pc

  12. Billy Bob says:

    The argument isn’t which one is harder to use or catch up on to see which one is better or superior. The argument should be which has a higher skill ceiling, and I’m sure everyone agrees that it’s PC. The competitive level of ANY FPS shooter at high levels is way more intense and harder to reach than on any other platform.

  13. Its exile says:

    :44 recon expert

  14. dreamqast says:

    im biplatform. ill play on whatever i want whenever i want lol

  15. Tyler.bro._ says:

    Its called play cod with no aim help

  16. Bro PC man it's fucked up just how about they try with a controller

  17. Aim assist doesn’t even work when i am that don’t do nothing

  18. SN warrior says:

    shootvi hvmave aim bit

  19. Few Blox says:

    Im on Xbox my aim assist is off nearly 200 wins???? This show what you are used to you should stick to!

  20. I turned it off because I was a Noob and thought it was aim-bot.

  21. i tried having it off for a few games and it was the most horrific thing ever

  22. PRO TIP: console players do better at PC than PC players do at console

  23. Rahim Ahmed says:

    I keep thinking I might not be a good fortnite player with aim assist and I keep thinking aim assist is kinda cheating

  24. Jarryd Jones says:

    The guys look like act like bots

  25. Jarryd Jones says:

    Aim assist is basic aimbot but not

  26. Aim assist is in mostly all shooters. One game that did no aim well was rainbow 6 seige

  27. High Beam says:

    I can't take you serious,

    1 . You play xBox
    2. You don't play Builder Pro

  28. RiverTime says:

    It’s better to play on console cause there’s only nubs and bad players :p

  29. x-dark says:

    Spam R2 L2 u have best aim in fortnite

  30. Tater salad says:

    Damn. My aim assist has been off this entire time. Ill be turning that on tonight. Dope!

  31. tarheelbb says:

    Thank you because I have never used it

  32. noel sante says:

    ill try to turn off Aim assist If this works

  33. Ania And says:

    WOW. i guest were allowed use aimbot 😀

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