Fortnite Cops & Robbers!



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Welcome to Fortnite Cops & Robbers, the Prison Break!
Thanks to DolphinDom for the map:
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32 Replies to “Fortnite Cops & Robbers!”

  1. Scuffed cops and robbers

  2. Ben Dover says:

    Dolphins spends 18 hours for a map so that Lachlan can make a video and get money from just for him to get muted and ignored pretty much the rest of the video ?

  3. Sam Mohmand says:

    Who’s watching in 19

  4. Ugh.. I LOVE THESE!!!!??❤️

  5. 12:35 Vik disobeyed the one rule because he opened the metal door and at the start you said that prisoners can't open metal doors

  6. His name is boat ssundee said

  7. Bob the robber is a better description of this game mode

  8. Ivan_ Playz says:

    When they killed u they cheated the opened the door

  9. K BOY says:

    where was dolphin dom

  10. Could be past rappests

  11. FierceTaco21 says:

    I went to Alcatraz!

  12. you are not a good cop

  13. Good vid I've watched this a thousand times

  14. Llama says:

    12:36 they were not allowed to open the doors… BRUH

  15. I feel bad dolphin dom why did he get muted

  16. ‘’ why aren’t you wearing your prison outfit’’

    “He’s a communist”


  17. I'm NYouiiuyywqrpuiuuyyuteriiuooiuytrrwioyytytioyrrrqwwouuqqweqotul,,k,,

  18. Laclal I love your videos.
    And Fortnite my name is deadly dead fire please frande me

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