Fortnite | DUST 2 from CS:GO in Creative



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As someone unfamiliar with the tools when I began, I am semi-satisfied with the outcome, although it’s quite ugly, and the B site still needs to be fixed, it seems fairly accurate to DUST 2.

It took me about 4 hours to (almost) complete this, I was messing around for half of it,

Oh, and if you want that CS Source map I kept talking about:

CSS version:
CSGO version:

And you better subscribe to PewDiePie. It’s in your…

7 Replies to “Fortnite | DUST 2 from CS:GO in Creative”

  1. music was too quiet not really a csgo feel

  2. Jacket says:

    Sorry about the quality, was due to an encoding error.

  3. Valourian says:

    J j jacket cs is free and has battle Royale what when did this happen

  4. Firthy says:

    How do you inspect your gun?

  5. Valourian says:

    You play stretched?

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