FORTNITE FUNNY MOMENTS & EPIC WINS (260m Sniper Montage)(PS4 Highlights)



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Share this video to help my channel grow and make more Fortnite Content Thanksss. Shoutout to my fans on psn who keep asking to play im going to try my best to play with you all because im really busy and most of the time im trying harding solos for clips 😉
Still saving up money for a gaming chair and a better mic.

Music- (NCS)

8 Replies to “FORTNITE FUNNY MOMENTS & EPIC WINS (260m Sniper Montage)(PS4 Highlights)”

  1. Love this video and all of your others, keep up the good work!

  2. Mgplad says:

    OMG ur a god nice vid bro

  3. Nadeem Najmi says:

    What’s you’re sensitivity

  4. Montse Pucca says:

    Are you on fh3 ? I was cholex

  5. luv the editing bro keep up the good work u are good my favorite utuber. when r u going to do a 10,000,000 subscriber face reveal

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