Fortnite – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 130 – Sword Fight (iOS)



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Fortnite – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 130 – Sword Fight (iOS)

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45 Replies to “Fortnite – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 130 – Sword Fight (iOS)”

  1. Why you kill the noob do you want 1 vs 1 ? 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. 😭😭😭😭😭😪😪😢😢

  3. Matsky says:

    5.53 noooooo, why?

  4. MyNamesDark says:

    Wow you are very nice to defaults 🙂


  6. aim_Kubek says:

    Whats your device ??

  7. ST The Wold says:

    How to download Fortnite Android??:((

  8. Soulless says:

    Can someone support me plz

  9. Rockyaye 999 says:

    He should be banned for teaming in the beginning

  10. VACH says:

    congrats for 1.7m subs

  11. shawn tom says:

    What is that me????

  12. GHOTNCEY VCP says:

    Hmm 🏃🏻‍♀️🕺

  13. Why did you kill him??

  14. Akhil Maurya says:

    Please play pixel gun 3”s campaign mod

  15. icychiller says:

    Hey tap play defender z now it just got release

  16. DvToxicc says:

    who add the default in the start of the video "Qzeng99" i add him

  17. Wavey Junez says:

    Do you have a support a creator

  18. Føxy Dan4ik says:

    Oh no you kills noobs

  19. Dude The Noob Player was My Brother

  20. Marwa Mageed says:


  21. Luhana Saenz says:

    Helloooo TapGamePlay😃😃
    I from is Peruvian
    Hablo español wey

  22. Will you do the Overtime Challenges?

  23. Eko- Shmecko says:

    Cool i love the videos from you

  24. please support me also bro..😢😢..
    I have 180+ Video but only 113 subscribers

  25. Dominik R says:

    (Fortnite android,ios)

  26. If apex legends will be on android please play it😪😁😁😍😘😎

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