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Just a heads up the footage in this video was taken on the last day of Alpha testing July 14th 2017. So expect a few thing to look a little different once you get into the Early Access.

Also feel free to ask questions in the comments and I’ll make sure to try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

So the NDA has dropped and I’m sure most of the videos you will see day one will be of gameplay.

This is not a gameplay video, this is to help you manage and get an idea of the Homebase…

38 Replies to “Fortnite – Homebase Starter Guide”

  1. Can u Sub says:

    Dude July 2017 it’s save the world but that is OG?

  2. Great job I just bought save the world but can u help me,I have opened a llama and it gave me a ninja but it wouldn't let me use it 🙁

    Btw I subbed 😀

  3. Can someone help me! I’m really stuck on this “quest”’ so on page four it says Homebase defender (unlock) but how do I do it! Ive been stuck for so long ?

  4. Caelan says:

    what is this , and how do i get to it lol

  5. king_ john05 says:

    How to play this mode plzz

  6. Lisa van Rij says:

    Is this save the world?? Because im looking how to start.

  7. gary foy says:

    F is to pay respects not to favorite

  8. Stay Frostie says:

    cheap charlie lol nice

  9. Hmantooth says:

    Thank fuck someone took the time to make a video of this, there is so much to process! Great job dude!

  10. This did a better job of explaining the game than the actual game does.

  11. This video is what made me subscribe. I am NOT looking for game play, I want the inner details that I am missing. Future topic: Collection Books and what is the benefit to getting all weapons in one category, adding a second weapon after one saved etc. (outside of bonus gifts given after) TJ

  12. Brianna Day says:

    Thank you this has been the most helpful video I've watched so far.

  13. This video was Great I came here as a noon and left as a vet lol

  14. nice video. i think the only thing you didn't cover was the Skill XP boosting. they are gotten in the rewards and you can use it to boost you and your parties xp gained at the end of a mission. gotten to by clicking on the XP bar at the top of the screen.

  15. Thanks bro!
    In a nut shell, game changer for us noobs!

  16. Shoneon says:

    I have a hero that I can't play as because it says they don't have leadership, is it possible to give them the skill?

  17. Joe Picerno says:

    great guide take my sub !!

  18. Pitney Bowes says:

    Nice video, learned alot.

  19. StarskyRyan says:

    Great vid bro thanks for making it!
    This game is super overwhelming your breakdown DEFINITLY helped alot. Auto-faved

  20. handyplayer says:

    Great video! One question: When you have a schematic or hero/survivor/defender more often than once, the first thing would be to put it in the collection book and if you already did that, you would retire/recycle it?

  21. I noticed some say "To unlock evolve hero to Star Level 2", I'm assuming before that perk (ie: Corrosion) takes effect, Smoke Assassin Venom has to be Star Level 2, correct?

  22. supremeX says:

    What if you put a gun in collection book, can you still get it back by hitting pinatas?

  23. jjfire911 says:

    Amazing. Thanks for helping me!

  24. SwgrJackr says:

    Great job! Info was easy to understand and best by far I have seen. Keep it up.

  25. Darc Faze says:

    Thank you kindly for all your hard work!

  26. James Davies says:

    is there a way to rename your homebase?

  27. Thanks man that helped so much.

  28. ThePlasmaCat says:

    thanks I`m buying the game tomorrow this is really helpful

  29. Templar says:


  30. Amazing video man great job in explaining everything. Really glad that if you don't know something you let it know and instead of going into it and make assumptions about something you instead just leave it alone for some other time when you really understand that part of the game better. Keep them videos coming definitely subscribe to your Channel.

  31. Rockburn says:

    VERY helpful! I've been watching so many Fortnite videos trying to find one that would just give me a high level of all this stuff. Can you talk about what the North/South ends of the research trees does? Looks like one is a motorcycle and other is a glider or something. Thanks AverageScores!

  32. Biohazard64 says:

    Thanks for this I understand the stats now I wish I watched the video before I put it in my collection book

  33. Misterhon says:

    This helped me so much! Thanks alot!

  34. Velth Akabra says:

    Also, the Collection is not a complete list of everything in the game. It's possible to even find heroes who break out of their subclass (for example, I have a Commando Ramirez, even though the collection only has Rescue Ranger Ramirez). You can also level stuff up in your Collection to improve your collection level without having to add more stuff to it.

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