Fortnite – How to Fix "Easy Anti-Cheat" Error in 30 sec.



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A short tutorial on how to fix the “Easy Anti-Cheat” error for Fortnite.
Leave a comment if you have any questions.

Open up your drive on which you saved Fortnite on.
Go to your Program Files, – Epic Games, – Fortnite, – FortniteGame, – Binaries, – Win64, -EasyAntiCheat, and finally double-click the “Easy-Anti-Cheat_Setup” file.

On this new window you want to select Fortnite and then “Repair Service”.

39 Replies to “Fortnite – How to Fix "Easy Anti-Cheat" Error in 30 sec.”

  1. A Gamer Eye says:

    thx man this helped alot

  2. DuckContent says:

    I have a special problem or something nothing will work I tried almost everything and none of em will work someone help please I still cant play its been over 1 month anyone please help!

  3. giantlight says:

    Fortnite doesn't pop up in the Setup, what do I do about that?

  4. Gamer Portal says:

    its nottttt working

  5. Oxygen4Lyfe says:

    there is no fortnite folder in the epic games folder

  6. Apocalyman says:

    For me it always says repair service

  7. Snappy12 says:

    untrusted system file thats what pop up after

  8. this doesnt work with my pc

  9. ItZ_ Cofi says:

    howw i watch 5000 videos i dont have easyanticheat folder

  10. open CMD as admin, then insert "bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF
    ", and then
    "bcdedit -set NOINTEGRITYCHECKS OFF", after that, restart yout computer and enjoy 😉 works with errorcode 30007

  11. JayDaSlayer says:

    how do I activate it

  12. Kryza says:

    worked for me not sure about any1 else

  13. Mayank Ohri says:

    thank you so much!!

  14. Shaggy says:

    ty ill marry you

    i will not

  15. I dont have the file fortnite

  16. Rainzyyy says:

    Hello! How can I fix error code 22?

  17. it always sends me this message the application was unable to start correctly (0x0000124). cllick ok i thin thats what it all did i have a windows 10 and i tired every thing and it didnt work and i want to play fortnite

  18. Jason Dsouza says:

    Works great. Thanks for this ?

  19. i can find my fortnite files

  20. it still did not let me open up fortnite

  21. Mason Hooker says:

    Doesn't work for me lol tried everything

  22. MrMans says:

    what does this do exactly

  23. Nextus says:

    God man your a life saver, if it was any other channel, they'd make it 10 – 15 minutes long for these simple steps, props to u man, subbed and liked!

  24. Higa Ija says:

    Thank you so much ❤️

  25. Greg Berkhof says:

    worked for me, was getting untrusted system file error, so thanks

  26. Jackson 11 says:

    its now working or fixing its still removing me from my mathes

  27. Trident says:

    thx dude. new sub

  28. Kyunity says:


  29. When I click repair there is the same problem pl halp

  30. i cant find my fortnite folder in program files in epic games.
    i downloaded fortnite and then when the update came it is not completing the installation and showing me file acces ocurres someone plz help me

  31. Weenie says:

    when i click repair it says an error occurred

  32. bjorn-_- says:

    wut about mac???

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