Fortnite Largest Aim Training Map! Console Friendly! – (Fortnite Battle Royale)



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Code: 1444-8820-3941

This map is by far my largest and have 5 different courses for you to practice! All courses work great weather you’re on PC, Console or even mobile as the Sentry will attract you aim assist and will help you out! Otherwise the numbers that the Sentry give off allow you track how well you’re hitting head shot and your damage output! Overall I think this is the way i’m going to build my future courses! I hope you all enjoyed and don’t forget to subscribe for more in the…

27 Replies to “Fortnite Largest Aim Training Map! Console Friendly! – (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. Selage, I absolutely love this channel and I love everything you do

  2. SaucyRo says:

    This one is a CLASSIC, i still use it

  3. Ill Arkist says:

    This map has made me so good ? thank you selage

  4. Brief question, why can't I edit builds?

  5. where should I put the code in fortnite creative??

  6. Can I get some help with a edit aim course

  7. XCHRONICLEZ says:

    thank you it helped me a lot! you turned my tears into joy

  8. hydro 16 says:

    Can you add the new tactical ar

  9. Lil Rx says:

    I knkw this map by heart its hella good

  10. L4zer3d says:

    Does size matter?


    Do you get the joke

  11. SentaXI says:

    the ak dosent spawn anymore and can you add more guns?

  12. David U says:

    How do you find this?

  13. Hakim Zöger says:

    there was no pumgun by me

  14. Bzukey says:

    Bro thank you sooo soooo much im so much better thank you thank you

  15. @selage how do you make sentries have aim assist apply to them? Is it automatic cuz i made a small flick shot course to just focus on that and they dont seem to have aim assist. Do they have to be on an opposing team?

  16. Just passed by to say from getting 1 kill and dying like a noob to getting 5 kills after warm ups all thanks to you and im still using ur old one

    Wow thanks for the heart and i started pc now i still use ur map tho ^_^

  17. Fixxed says:

    You should make an uptadted version with the new aiming target things. Btw this is gonna help a lot, thanks

  18. Joe Mama says:

    Does aim assist work toward the bots?

  19. This is the worst fucking thing ever their is no

  20. Dandy Goat says:

    Bruh the guns don’t even spawn in

  21. Love this course but could you make it so we are invincible and can receive no damage?

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