Fortnite LIVE Stream PS4 | Interactive Streamer Season 8



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1. Don’t ask to play. I can’t play with everyone but I try to play with as many fans as I can
2. No self promotion
3. Keep it family friendly. Don’t be a jerk

Thank you so much for watching, you all are freaking awesome! Donations are not required but are greatly appreciated, you may donate here…

1 John…

2 Replies to “Fortnite LIVE Stream PS4 | Interactive Streamer Season 8”

  1. The saddest thing ever happened to me pinoy I ordered I big nerf gun for half off it was 31$ it was a dope nerf gun an it was huge and they got it mixed up with another one I already had now I'm sad that I don't have a big one

  2. Dang brother i haven't seen u in a long time im the person that said talk like a girl to get a like

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