FORTNITE – New Leaked Sci-Fi Weapons (Boom Bow, Astro Bat 9000, And De-Atomizer 9000)



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36 Replies to “FORTNITE – New Leaked Sci-Fi Weapons (Boom Bow, Astro Bat 9000, And De-Atomizer 9000)”

  1. If a1 hearts this then that cactus at the beginning will spike him

  2. see the new weapon
    Me:They powers

    ARE LEVEL 9000!!

  3. Akita Blood says:

    Omg, why did they change the design of the Blazing Masamune, that looks fucking terrible. ?

  4. problemerYT says:

    Since watching the mayhem on the BR mode with the boom bow… Im probably gonna try my best to get it on STW

  5. veloce says:

    Wellll the 14 days could be like Christmas and give you the firework launcher or a beach ball launcher?? I'm just theorizing

  6. Code Will says:

    I just searched ur name in stormshieldone i scrolled so long before i even lvl 40

  7. Cooler says:

    Really digging that Canny Valley homebase.

  8. I want that boom bow i m tellin U A1

  9. Each level is one of ur shields gets attacked then next shield has higher power level husks then it adds in a war game every 9 level

  10. Never thought I'd see the day of the boom bow in save the world.

    This is going to be lit?

  11. Barry Smith says:

    Can you help me with re shoots?
    Epic BE4ST_NERF

  12. DestinysEdge says:

    I’m only getting the bow fuck the other ass weapons

  13. Im super exited for these guns thanks for the info about them

  14. um you didn’t put the gameplays in the discripsion

  15. If your a god you watch A1 ♥️?

  16. Boom bow :*gets vaulted*

    Boom bow:Where am I now?!

    Epic games : The community said VAULT

    Fortnite community:No we said NER-

    Epic games: Oh

    Epic games: puts in save the world?

    Fortnite community: Am I a joke too you

  17. Ezra says:

    Do not spoil people like this what a thumbnail 🙁

  18. xStrafez_ c; says:

    I can't wait for the 14 days of summer to start oo;

  19. Ratchet1786 says:

    The boom bow is vaulted in br

    Ps: if u stream the endurance mode today can I do it with u I’m power level 90 just so u know

  20. A1 can you help me with twine peaks 9

  21. I love you voice and vids mate

  22. Adam Shams says:

    stormshield endurance = awesome way to get through 20 waves and get crashed and get no rewards i really like the mode

  23. Hello ? can someone help me out with canny valley ??

  24. tea person says:

    omg we getting the bow, next on my wait list is that new sexy grenade launcher from pvp…

  25. BIG_J 34 says:

    When the drum gun came back?

  26. Spy - V -Spy says:

    Hope you hop on borderlands 3 you ar definitely one of my favorite YouTubers, let's not make this all about StW.

  27. Spy - V -Spy says:

    Bad game devs gonna bad game dev. When our we gonna get devs that don't suck instead BR rejects who hate us? Good as always sorry I am salty, but they keep fucking up, good game devs don't fuck up this often when they do they fix it quick unless the community actually likes it in which case the leave it the fuck Alone or incorporate into same design they sure as hell don't fix it, thems happy accidents see: Gear Box an actually good game designer who fucking tests their own fucking product sick of game devs who don't even play video games. RIP Fossil Southie builds.

  28. Yeeessssss!!! We are getting the Boom Bow!!!! ❤️❤️


  30. I love ur vids idk y but I like Ur voice it's calming

  31. Beastyted says:

    i think endurance should just be waves. no wargames challenges. if they wanted to add a new mode it should be new. not a little bit different than something that already exists. IMO they should of just made a wargames simulation that had more waves.

  32. Šimun says:

    A1 you lied , you still dont help me ? :,(

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