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I am playing Fortnite on my Chromebook using Moonlight. Moonlight is a free and open source software that allows you to stream games to Android, Chromebook, Raspberry Pi and even web browsers.

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27 Replies to “Fortnite on Chromebook | Moonlight Streaming”

  1. king Cal says:

    Can u make a tutorial on how to download fortnite on moonlght

  2. You never told us how to get to moonlight.!

  3. Hi, can you make a tutorial explaining how to install moonlight in choebook and how to instal fortnite?

  4. RoidFN says:

    who ellse scrolled down to see if it worked

  5. Z_0vh says:

    whats the IP thing about? i need help

  6. why do you sound like sernandoe

  7. yussuf muse says:

    whatd do i do when it says put in host manually

  8. Shwang says:

    Or just use G Force now

  9. Snoppdog says:

    How do u download Moon light

  10. ISushiツ says:

    it says add host? huh?

  11. Pingable says:

    HOlY Freak its working thc you holy crap omg i always wished to play fortnite on chrome OMG

  12. Rahul Shenoy says:

    What’s the furthest I can be away from the pc?

  13. BLAKEW 123 says:

    Can you stream to switch from chrome book?

  14. does anyone have the link to moonlight

  15. Vision. YT. says:

    How you download it I can’t download on mine it’s not compatible

  16. were do you download it

  17. Juan Zarate says:

    fukin idiot clickbait

  18. When you shut down Moonlight does it still log in to the same account

  19. yusuf sesay says:

    So you basically need an nvidia graphics card to use moonlight Jesús

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