Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Challenges Guide Leaked – Storm Racers



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The leaked season 10 week 8 challenges, and a guide on how you can complete them a lot quicker. If you need any help either add my epic games username, which is down below, or comment yours.

Epic ID :therudolphinYTツツ

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42 Replies to “Fortnite Season 10 Week 8 Challenges Guide Leaked – Storm Racers”

  1. My epic yousername is BlackMicahboy

  2. Nxxvy says:

    And thats a sub and noti for you my g

  3. Aaronk 786 says:

    Ur your the best you help a lot

  4. Kev Boi says:

    Could you help me with my challenges my epic is TSM_AmTrash

  5. Please add me Lightno_Techno2
    My friend bought me battle bass and I don't won't to let him down
    I have quite a few missions to get through thanks Soo much and I hope we have a great time!!!

  6. please add my fortnite account and help me do some of my challenges * Sassykill123 * I play on Xbox 1

  7. Xbox gamer tag: NightEgg48. Can anyone help me knock down an opponent from fall damage?

  8. IM YOUR MOM says:

    I subbd can you Help me with thies chalanges

  9. Alex Maltos says:

    What is your epic name I cannot see

  10. AverageClass says:

    My epic username is AverageClass and I need help with my challenges

  11. Abzz says:

    Hey rudolphin can u help me with a challenge rn I’m finding it difficult

  12. Coza06 says:


  13. Oh btw bro I have no mic but I'll add you

  14. Astro says:

    Thank me later for the 500 subs

  15. Yunkergod says:

    Wait so you help people do their challenges??

  16. What Is Wrong With The Colours In Your Game?

  17. my epic name is ShocMaster69

  18. Ansel G says:

    These challenges will give you the styles for eternal voyager

  19. Yeah that doesn’t work-healing 💯 % in storm-the challenges haven’t come out yet🙃

  20. Gaz Davies says:

    Dude add some emphasis to what you’re saying instead of sounding stoned and very bored. I’m not hating just helping 😊

  21. Dooshie Deee says:

    How do you get the gameplan back bling i need it real badly

  22. Juntory says:

    Ooh Btw My Username is Juntory

  23. Juntory says:

    Hello! Your Videos really help! I subbed and liked the viedo! so can you carry me? i havent got a win yet. Thanks!!!!

  24. Thawk Gaming says:

    I actually found the name of these challenges when looking at eternal voyager styles 😂😂

  25. NBD Shadow says:

    youre on my friend list 🙂

  26. NBD Shadow says:

    if i get stuck on one of the challenges could you help me with them plz? i have you added already from last week btw my epic is T5M_S4vage

  27. Are you colorblind anyways does it work if you do them like do you complete it?

  28. Thanks for the leaks !

  29. Every time i go to team rumble

    I get the wrong side of the map to do challenges

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