Fortnite – Season 7 Battle Pass Overview | PS4



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The Season 7 Battle Pass has over 100 rewards to unlock. New this season: Wraps! Customize your vehicles and weapons with a new look as you battle for your Victory Royale. The Battle Pass is available in-game for 950 V-Bucks.

48 Replies to “Fortnite – Season 7 Battle Pass Overview | PS4”

  1. MT_ GAMER09 says:

    i want fortnite on ps3

  2. Tiago Brito says:

    Eu tenho um Playstation 2

  3. HIDR0TRASTE says:

    Eu vou ter uma PS4 Slim para o Natal hehe

  4. nachoplz says:

    Still not dead uh?

  5. Bugs Bunny says:

    I remember back in season four when I said skins would be put into the game.

  6. Yay! More content locked behind a paywall! Keep stealing money from little kids and their parents!

  7. People still play this game?

  8. Inserturmeme says:

    Me: Planes ?? Did just fortnite took that from Battlefield or something
    8 yrs old Kids: nO U IdiOT, BaTtlEFieLd CoPIEd FOrTNItE. U dOnT kNOw AbOuT GAmES

  9. Tunchie Long says:

    why everyone keep saying the game dead?currently 200million players are playing right now u either trash or cant build (fax)

  10. Red anthem says:

    African fortnite servers

  11. Han Bulban says:

    Cross platform???

  12. Grodioz says:

    Paragon was murdered for this

  13. And the sound of the gun of the plane same as the m16 lol ??, the most trash free game ever.

  14. RainbowSwiss says:

    PUBG is coming out tonight. I’m playing that instead.

  15. Darth Revan says:

    Battlefield: V bucks.

  16. Nooooo I can’t level up my Dire Wolf

  17. Big Nutty says:

    This game still exists…. excuse me i meant trash

  18. Rick B says:

    How fo i get the ps plus pack?

  19. TallulahSoie says:

    Think of the children!

  20. They really want all out this season

  21. LordDraven says:

    Chuck e cheese battlegrounds

  22. THN says:

    virgin will rise again

  23. Dusty Rabbit says:

    I like this narrator's voice

  24. Retr_ 0 says:

    Is there not gonna be a montage trailer for battle pass season 7 like season 4 5 and 6?

  25. When’s Thanos coming back?

  26. Hussain Ali says:

    Why is not fortnite dead yet ???

  27. Z41N says:

    This is going to revive Fortnite

  28. Ace Combat comes out next month i can wait

  29. Ben Dover says:

    When will this trash die?

  30. Zarak Shah says:

    go play bf5 this is for kids

  31. fahmi hinad says:

    Time to steal mothers credit card

  32. Only 3 more hours to go!

  33. - King - says:

    The story mode is dying in the corner

  34. 鬼BRAD says:

    Hit or miss dance

  35. YEETING says:

    Airplane ?
    Battelfeild players RISE UP

  36. Whoo careees oh wait

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