Fortnite: Testing on iPhone 11 Pro with DualShock 4 Controller at 60FPS!



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The iPhone 11 is barely a month old and Epic has just released the massive Chapter 2 update. We took the opportunity to test out the highest resolution and framerate on the newest iPhones to see how it performed, including with our DualShock 4 controller!

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21 Replies to “Fortnite: Testing on iPhone 11 Pro with DualShock 4 Controller at 60FPS!”

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  2. Lol my iphone 11 pro max plays 30 fps still yuck

  3. Jafatty R says:

    Hey, On my iPhone 8 Plus the video graphic was so good and was so HQ and now on my 11 pro max it’s kinda blurry and not as enjoyable, do u know why? I’ve been struggling to find answers cause I’m really frustrated, can’t believe it’s better on an iPhone 8 Plus…

  4. Wyatt Pine says:

    Does regular iPhone 11 support 60 FPS?

  5. U can’t crouch is soo annoying

  6. matteo nucci says:

    Connecting the dualshock you'll join console servers or you'll still be on mobile ones?

  7. Romi says:

    Still looks quite a bit worse than pc version even on medium settings

  8. Blocked User says:

    Can you play on a big screen tv direct thru Apple Tv?

  9. Alan May says:

    Imagine if you can connect it to a bigger screen to play games

  10. Ethan Hess says:

    why does my iphone 11 not have 60FPS?

  11. The controller won’t crouch it

  12. durrBubbles says:

    the notch gets in the way so much ion this game most apps compensate for it and the round edges cover a lot of hud too is there a way to make the hud smaller without moving each big of it one by one

  13. Can you connect the iPhone to the controller and Airpods at the same time?

  14. L M says:

    Oh so there not blocking the controller anymore ?

  15. Can Zarpli says:

    says 60 fps but vid 30

  16. DualShock4 or Xbox Controller? Which is the best? I haven’t any console except Nintendo Switch, but want to play on my iPad Pro)))

  17. EnforcerMan says:

    Nice video man. It’s funny I’m working on the same video tonight. Quick question; Do you remember which iOS started to offer BT pairing?

  18. Tech4All says:

    I can’t wait for the 120 FPS option.

  19. Why does it have touch input hud and not controller one

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