Fortnite: The Best Way To Practice Your Aim! | Aim Warm Up Course V2 (Season 7)



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I made this Fortnite aim practice course so that you guys can improve your aim, or just do a quick warm up before going into a real match. If you guys appreciate the time I spent on this course feel free to use code “Geerzy” in the item shop before making a purchase. Have a good day!

Course Code: 5118-0140-3821


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33 Replies to “Fortnite: The Best Way To Practice Your Aim! | Aim Warm Up Course V2 (Season 7)”

  1. Thx this helped out a lot because i switched to keybourd and mouse and i need to practice

  2. Whos here in september 2019?

  3. Heavy shotgun = replace with blue pump
    P90 replace with smg

  4. Is this only good for mouse and keyboard?

  5. toxi bruhs says:

    ill give it a whirl. if this helps me ill use ur code, sub, andd like the vid

  6. Amari Medusa says:

    How do you access these courses? I've been trying to find information on how and I haven't had any luck.

  7. Mr. Bee says:

    The course is really good, but I have a suggestion. Maybe try to use the moving targets in your courses because they help you shoot moving targets easier. Just a suggestion for the course. Anyways, good video! (Btw, the moving targets are located in the area where the spike traps are in the creative search bar)

  8. you helped me a lot man, thanks

  9. What do I do to make the bot infinite health.. I always destroy it on my first spray slide , and on the part where you go over pyramids, it’s not there..

  10. Rynall Singh says:

    Love your tips keep it up and you earned my subscribe

  11. الحين هنت تعرف تلعب يلي تتفسلف على الناس

  12. Adam Lopez says:

    yo i cant pick up the guns cuz if i press e it starts the game

  13. PeeTeeEU says:

    3:14 if u drop down u can go up so u need to restart it?
    But u can destroy wall and get mats and build stairs??

  14. James Adam says:

    I need help ! When I'm in the island before starting the game, i can't peak up the weapons ….. how should I do ?

  15. Samo a says:

    how do you join the server i dont understand lmao where do i put the code in

  16. Chris Jones says:

    How do u put the code in..where do i do this?

  17. Im gonna try it out i think…

  18. Wes says:

    Dude, I fucking love you dude. Thank you SO MUCH! <3 much love bro.

  19. I can’t pick up the guns and when I spawn in the guns disappear ?

  20. all the same perpherals

  21. Justin Alli says:

    You can’t even pick up the wepons

  22. Not Leo says:

    Nice Course dude I’m on PS4 and still have no aim i will Try it

  23. Shade Draco says:

    This helped my aim for mobile and I got a victory with 8 kills!

  24. Make sure that you have geerzy in itemshop

  25. Magic 202 says:


    Me clicking out it said ads

  26. I wish I could play on a keyboard but the controls are to hard and I don’t have a mouse that can hold down two buttons at the same time I have a laptop ?

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