FORTNITE – Top 3 Best SMGs In Save The World (New V6 Rocket Launcher And SMG Heroes)



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Patch Notes ➤➤

Shadow Ops Heroes….
Demolitionist Penny ➤➤
Deadly Lotus Luna ➤➤

Vacuum Tube Weapons…
Lightning Pistol ➤➤
Vacuum Tube Sniper ➤➤

Cyberpunk Heroes…
Heavy Base Kyle ➤➤…

50 Replies to “FORTNITE – Top 3 Best SMGs In Save The World (New V6 Rocket Launcher And SMG Heroes)”

  1. Was it a bad idea that I recycled my hemlock schematic????? 😪

  2. XeliXous says:

    which is better spyglass or duelist?

  3. Cole Barz says:

    yo A1 if u need efficient just let me know

  4. KJ EN says:

    My favorite SMG is the Blastotron Mini. Too bad I can’t run it on Beetlejess anymore 🙁

  5. A1
    Thanks for being so positive! You and DJF are appreciated for all of your content in STW. Vash was on my favorite list also, but that dude has lost his damn mind!! Amggry!!

  6. seb0 seb0 says:

    Top 3 ratatatattatatatatttt u can put 3 crit dmg or 3 crit ratings its crazy and it shoots like a high preasure water hose . Then the vipe if u cant be botherd with a crit build then the hemlock i think the silent spector is trash ive been using it for a while and it waste amo and has no range and has no impact and most of all it cant do good dmg takes like 3 clips to kill a smasher

  7. LoNGxRaNgE says:

    Hey A1 I’m a big fan! 2 mins later ends up on Reddit 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. B Ski says:

    Rata tat tat dat ass

  9. Bruh says:

    They did a minor change on the portrait of the heros, they look way cooler now

  10. Sqoiled says:

    Smg Bull Crap Jesus

  11. Kaleb Wynn says:

    Read the P90 to br

  12. Homebase G says:

    Thanks for the info! You are the best. Also thx for helping me with my storm king mission. Keep up the grind my G.

  13. Lamp Vibes says:

    They finally fixed the bug where when you switched to a gun from a sniper you don't have a reticle. I use the obliterator and was always missing my reticle when I changed to other guns

  14. Nah dog typewriter, bobcat, and blasatron mini are the best

  15. FaiiNt Kr0mp says:

    What about the Blue Specter?

  16. 1:46 at the top left where did you get the female melee defender

  17. A1 let's play some time. Love your vids. I'm in canny, ps4 name samzies

  18. BinaryZero says:

    There are no better rewards 140 4PL Mission yet. Sadly still garbage i continue play at 100-116 greather missions still not worth it.

  19. Guys! The pre emptive strike team perk really goes hand in hand with thunder thora!
    Proof me wrong!

  20. Whats up a1 i love your videos

  21. Hyybrics says:

    Plz remember me when you get big lol

  22. I wanna see what kind of smg loadouts can be made maybe SMG and AR combination loadout

  23. I tried to reset my pistols, and it doesnt give me back the real amount of materials i used up to perked it up. Cuz sometimes I changed the perks.

    Moonsoon and bullet storm jonesy is the new minigun for soldiers!

  24. Solar Sun507 says:

    Yeah… they are repainting the house instead of fixing the shity sewer system and faulty electricity cables….. So the new kids move in and feel welcomed….

  25. Ricky Dicky says:

    My favorite smg is typewriter

  26. InsvnityOppz says:

    I would Like to see your gaming setup!

  27. Nextplane 97 says:

    Can we see the Bobcat gameplay with a new loadout ?

  28. M4C_4T4K79 says:

    Top 3 SMGs: Yes, Bob, & Cat
    Please test a loadout w/ the brrrrrrrr Ratatat.

  29. Joely Tacos says:

    Daily pistol kill quests are gonna be a beeyotch now.

  30. Yes gameplay with Thunder Thora, and is it me or do a lot of the Heroes on the little Hero Cards in the Hero Management area have new stances/looks?

  31. Your reviews of patchnotes, with the extra pictures and full circle thinking about the info i why i came over to your videos vs DemonJoe. Love the videos man!

  32. Rowlend John says:

    I played today hit the road to see the crackshot thing too, but it was still the girl who spoke.
    The fck?🤨🙄😓

  33. Great my pistol is now a smg and I don't get a crit dmg buff anymore…

  34. 2:54 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 im done with this game

  35. MLG_Clapz says:

    I like how you speak english

  36. SUSSA slicer says:

    Why is the type writer a smg ?


  37. Yo is his voice deeper?

  38. ratta tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat tat

  39. Azikz says:

    A1 my birthday is coming up in a few days it would mean alot if you could heart this comment nice video A1 love them ✌

  40. poop freely says:

    Thicc penny takes the truck I will miss crackshot he's funny

  41. killer orca says:

    1: typewriter
    2: silenced spectre
    3: hemlock/riptide/bobcat (I can't choose)

  42. Luis Ortiz says:

    Your a beast bro legend in save the world

  43. TURY BOY says:

    Top 3 are the Typewriter, silenced specter and the bobcat

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