Fortnite TRAVIS SCOTT CHALLENGES GUIDE: Giant Astro Heads, Stage Location (Battle Royale Event)



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Fortnite Travis Scott Challenges Guide! This new update features the giant astro heads, stage location, and free rewards in Battle Royale season 2. This is a full tutorial for the travis scott event aka astronomical event. We also discuss the travis scott skin and emote, but this is how to get the challenges are “Bounce off of different giant astro heads” and “visit the stage north of Sweaty sands” done. And of course there’s some gameplay examples so enjoy!

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33 Replies to “Fortnite TRAVIS SCOTT CHALLENGES GUIDE: Giant Astro Heads, Stage Location (Battle Royale Event)”

  1. Something says:

    I missed the whole travis challenges and event because I was on vacation rip

  2. Andrew Beck says:

    Weird i was on fortnite that day and neither the challenges nor event were on

  3. can you give me 1 millon v bucks

  4. James Shelby says:

    Does still work after the update?

  5. Devon Jones says:

    Can you add me on xbox so we can play together pls

  6. Can i still do the challenges today? And cani still buy the travis skin?

  7. Just Justin says:

    Am I still able to get the rewards

  8. sGWR says:


  9. DontJudgeMe says:

    Omg lama sir your same lvl as me!

  10. Maxwell Bois says:

    To get into the concert do you queue into a regular solos game half an hour before the event starts?

  11. Jonathan G says:

    Is this ALL u can get just from doing things for free

  12. do u have to have the battle pass like the deadpool one or?

  13. hmmm and he never told us how we get the glider

  14. How were you in tilted with the Midas skin

  15. Adam Sutton says:

    Oh I found it helpful now i know I also get a free glider for goin to this awesome event

  16. rayan wessam says:

    Please I want my epic name rayan_wessam5

  17. Zach Hofmann says:

    You try so fucking hard to make it to 10 minutes lmfao

  18. Do you have to do them all at ones or can you do the challenges in separate match’s for the emote

  19. sol fortnite says:

    It actually worked thanks

  20. Joshy games says:

    Hi I’m young and a huge Travis Scott fan but my family is saving up for a house and I can’t get any skins could someone pls gift me……… my username is doggedcrane5399 and i play on Nintendo switch

  21. Haven’t watched this guys videos since season 8

  22. Bizzy says:

    Will you ever return back to rocket league? Btw still enjoy your vids

  23. Nancy Birger says:

    plz gift me travis scott skin my epic name is faze_exon7401

  24. Furioushinzo says:

    “Dont Lie who went straight down to the comments”🍭🍩

    (I’m gifting Everyone who subs with notifications)I’m legit

  25. brezzy boii says:

    Can u stop talking just say the challenges

  26. dsturnham30 says:

    There should definitely be a iconic Music From one of his albums for our menu screen

  27. Mightymelon says:

    Epic Mightymelon2005
    Astro jack skin

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