Fortnite vs. 10 KEYBOARDS



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49 Replies to “Fortnite vs. 10 KEYBOARDS”

  1. Cute voice tho

    =a sub ??

  2. CliffordFN says:

    That voice is cancer

  3. yu boi loopy says:

    Ssssssspppppppooooooooooiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeellllllllllldddddddddddd jjjjjjjjjjjjjkkkkkkkkk

  4. PlayWithMe says:

    are you the fake one or the real one OR another account but is created by new for fortnite gameplays?

  5. What edit software do you use

  6. Noah Perez says:

    That t0xic ending though


  8. Kr1sPy MoDa says:

    That intro was satisfying

  9. little G's says:

    Can I have a keyboard

  10. Deterrmine says:

    I wish I had this many subs

  11. Mortiige says:

    Name each keyboard that you used

  12. Nuke Lifts says:

    omg AUKEY keyboards btw thats the keyboard i also want 😀

  13. rixio says:

    The most underrated channel, subbed.

  14. Jrawツ says:

    Annoying ass voice

  15. wave says:

    wait how old is this kid with so many subs respect <3

  16. Zenco says:

    Does this guy have a voice changer

  17. besala says:

    fuck your voice

  18. Esko Pertti says:

    In minecraft and in fortnite?

  19. xd ThotPoket says:

    What keyboards did you use

  20. Ur using 1 of them I will ban u for click bait

  21. LilQuickey says:

    HI Nico its the guy you played fortnite with aka LilQuickey_Yt I luv u <3

  22. ツVoniix says:

    This kid is 8 how does he have 15k?

  23. Hi nico CostasKillerGR#4235 discord

  24. iBryceHD says:

    Your the most annoying kid on the internet

  25. Grahm Lopez says:

    Nico I want to give you money so live stream

  26. XIU LIANG says:

    Your trash 2y old

  27. Jaiden Shahi says:

    Remember me Kill4Candy

  28. Styx says:

    came here from shotgunplays top quality content

  29. Hey Nico do u have a twitch channel? Plz answer

  30. Green Muffin says:

    You should do some calls on discord with subs like if you agree

  31. Maruh says:

    How dafuq does a 13y old has so much money?

  32. Maybe I know you from a video…about stream sniping ???

  33. Calmazy says:

    whats nicos settings is he using vibrance???

  34. No one he sounds gay asf

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