Four finger phone pharo HANDCAM + settings&loadouts | Call of Duty Mobile


Call Of Duty

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Welcome to my channel ! i am the main sniper for Divinity Uprising. I reached Rank #1 in Garena in s1,s2 & s3 and is the 2 times national champion of Singapore. I upload scrim and rank highlights regularly so make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications !

Q : Do you play on a ipad or phone?
A : I currently play on a iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB. I switched from…

21 Replies to “Four finger phone pharo HANDCAM + settings&loadouts | Call of Duty Mobile”

  1. Heaven says:

    I havent changed my settings since last season, so if you already know my settings then dont bother watching that part

  2. Bruh this isn't Minecraft

  3. What’s your cod name? So I can add you & we can do some rank together

  4. Nobre FF says:

    back from Critical Ops, COD Mobile failed

  5. Romil Lodaya says:

    Love the way you play dude🎮 na seriously 💯

  6. Ali Sattar says:

    And i thought i was noop you playing just style just like mine it looks my internet is the issue

  7. xTeo 7 says:

    Eres muy bueno!!!!

    Crack 💛

  8. Fanfa么 says:

    what's the name of this skin?

  9. Mines kina like that and u have more space than that

  10. 3bood Gemz says:

    NEW CORDITE SMG in Call of Duty Mobile👇🏻

  11. Abir Dutta says:

    Do you use hip fire+scope button or ADS button?

  12. K4ł says:

    Ur on garena?? Shit im boutta die boys,

  13. SavG_KinG says:

    4 fingers but uses ads .
    That’s weird

  14. Whats music bro? Sorry i russian man.

  15. ATOG V says:

    A real 4 finger user doesn’t use a 1 tap ADS but still amazing gameplay.

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