fuck counter strike source


Counter Strike

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17 Replies to “fuck counter strike source”

  1. donny darko says:

    stop saying noob because your not using it right

  2. Ben Yu says:

    that is japanese you noobs = ="

  3. namelesscss says:

    Can i ask why your game is in like chinese are you that addicted to anime

  4. ranjas csgo says:

    with ak and m4 u kill 1 , 2.. with deagle u kill 1000000 .. deagle and awp are the only good guns working in css.. the sprays of rifles just fail
    ive quited this game since update 😉 and lot of my friends too
    my english sucks less then source

  5. wabsio says:

    i saw the noclip, selfbust

  6. CHRIS SKA says:

    @triplespaceCSS robot arm

  7. joedawe3 says:

    chris loves clicking head pixels xx

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